Crocheted Pumpkin Bag

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Using bright orange and green fabric, crochet this pumpkin as a treat bag for all the little ghosts and goblins in your life or as a fun tote to carry during the Halloween season.


  • Cotton fabric: orange, 4 yards; green, 1 yard
  • Felt scraps: yellow, black


  • Q crochet hook
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, measuring tape or ruler



Tear orange and green fabric into 1”-wide strips.


Knot same-color fabric strips together on one end. Roll same-color strips into balls (like yarn).


Using crochet hook and orange fabric, chain 18. Row 1: Single crochet into second chain from hook, single crochet in each chain across, turn. Row 2: Continue single crochet across each row until it measures 18” in length. Fasten off. Fold in half lengthwise and use fabric strip to weave between stitches, closing each side of bag. Tie off ends.


Tie green fabric strip onto top edge at one side of bag; single crochet into top row of bag. Repeat for one additional row. Fasten off. Tie end of fabric strip through crochet stitches at one side of bag. Chain 38, securing final chain through crocheted stitches at opposite edge of bag. Single crochet into second chain from hook, crochet in each chain, turn and repeat for total of two rows. Fasten off.


Print and cut out pattern. Adhere felt pieces onto front of bag. Let dry.


To finish, weave knotted ends of fabric strips in between crocheted stitches, trimming ends.


Measure and cut 18”-long strip of green fabric. Tie strip into bow and glue onto top of bag.

by Lorine Mason

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Welcome! To the first Crafts ’n things Blog post! I am honored to be the first team member to share a post with you. My name is Gloria Stengel and I come to you from sunny southern California. I have been paper crafting for 22 years and have seen crafts and craft trends come and go, and come back again. I am excited to share projects and tips with you twice a month.

The new Crafts ’n things Blog Team hopes to bring you the latest news and the best tips and techniques; we will share the fun of crafting with you as we share projects, product reviews, and even peeks into our creative spaces.

I want to share a cute Halloween card that I made for the Crafts ’n things 30-minute cards section.

I purchase the pre-made mini bingo cards in every theme and style I can find. I also have a number of bingo-themed stamps. You just cannot have too many bingo cards!

Add a few buttons, some die cut shapes, a bit of trim, and you have a cute (and not very spooky) Halloween card!

And don’t forget to decorate the inside of your cards. I like to line my cards with a light-colored paper or cardstock, stamp a sentiment, and maybe put a small strip of printed paper at the bottom.

For instructions on making the Halloween Bingo card and a complete supply list, visit the 30-Minute Cards section.

 Gloria Stengel from Scraps of Life (