Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

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Create this adorable candy cane wreath for your home holiday decorating. Xyron adhesives will make this project super fast and easy.


  • Wrapped candy canes, 16
  • Crate Paper Bundled Up Cardstock, Ephemera Pack
  • May Arts red gingham plaid ribbon


  • Xyron Adhesives: 3” Sticker Maker, Mega Runner, Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit by Xyron (1/4” High Tack Tape, Clear Hold Adhesive, Foam Squares), 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots
  • Sizzix Sidekick Machine with Sizzlits Tim Holtz Mini Paper Rosette Decorative Strip Die
  • Craft punches: EK Success Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Lace Edge Punch, Circle Punch

Basic Supplies

scissors, scoring tool, score board



Cut two strips of striped paper measuring 2”x12”.


Punch long one side of each strip with Doily Lace punch.


Using a score board, score both strips every 1/2″. Accordion fold the strips.


Using Xyron’s 1/4″ High Tack Tape, apply adhesive strip to each ending tab and connect strips to form one long strip. With scalloped edge on outside, arc strip into circle rosette. Adhere rosette closed with Xyron 1/4” High Tack Tape.


Punch circle from decorative paper.


Using Xyron Mega Runner, cover back side with adhesive and attach to top of striped rosette.


Using Sidekick machine and Rosette dies, die cut a larger rosette from greetings paper and smaller rosette from red snowflake paper. Accordion fold rosettes. With scalloped edge on outside, arc strip into circle rosette. Adhere rosette closed with Xyron 1/4” High Tack Tape. Run finishing circles through Xyron 3” Sticker Maker and adhere to rosette fronts. Stack rosettes together; adhere using Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots.


Adhere snowman die cut to top of rosette stack with two Xyron Teresa Collins Foam Squares.


Using three or four Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots, adhere candy canes together, back to back as shown. Tie ribbon around each candy cane set. Arrange in wreath circle.


Using Clear Hold Adhesive from the Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit, adhere rosette stack to center of candy cane wreath, let dry. Add ribbon hanger and enjoy.


  • Use Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots or a hot glue gun to hold the candy cane tips together.

by Lori Williams for Xyron, Inc. (

Winter Wonderland Necklace

With the chill of winter descending across the northern hemisphere, what could be more appropriate than wearing some shimmery snowflake jewelry!

This sparkly piece combines so many of the things I love to make jewelry with: crystals, filigrees, and leather. Including leather in your jewelry designs is a great way to increase your jewelry making repertoire – it gives your jewelry a really individual look and it’s such a hot trend right now. Using a die-cutting machine makes easy work of cutting out the circles of leather but if you don’t have access to one, use a hole punch and piece of cardstock to make a template and then trace and cut out your circles.

The Winter Wonderland necklace uses a silver Metallic Leather Trim piece but a silver leather Bracelet Blank will also work. Or why not substitute Silver Creek Leather’s Gold or Gunmetal bracelet blanks for a different look? Combined with all that Swarovski sparkle, you will shimmer all through the winter.

Silver Creek Leather bracelet blanks and Metallic Leather Trim pieces are available at Hobby Lobby.


  • Silver Creek Leather Metallic Leather Trim piece in Silver; or Silver Bracelet Blank
  • Silver filigree circles, 33mm, two
  • Bohemian gold filigree circle, 33mm
  • Silver snowflake charms, 16mm, two
  • Gold snowflake charms, 16mm, nine
  • Faceted AB crystal teardrop, 9x6mm
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Flatbacks: 4mm, 18; 5mm, three
  • Silver eyelets, 5mm, four
  • Gold curb chain, 8x4mm, 7″ length
  • Gold jump rings: 6mm, 34; 8mm; 4mm
  • Gold findings: ball headpin, lobster clasp


  • Die-cutting machine and 1″ circle die or hole punch and scrap of cardstock
  • Pliers: round-nose, flat-nose, chain-nose
  • Flush cutters
  • Button shank remover
  • ScraPerfect Embellie Gellie Tool
  • Eyelet setting kit with 1/8” hole punch and hammer
  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives 527 Glue, Swarovski Elements Create Your Style Crystal Glue Pen 

Basic Supplies

  • toothpick, permanent marker, scissors, ruler

Step 1

Place leather bracelet blank over circle die and cut out five circles. If using hole punch, punch circle in cardstock and use as template to trace and cut out five circles.

Step 2

Working on one filigree at a time, use toothpick to apply thin layer of Beacon 527 adhesive to within 3/16” of edge. Place leather circle on center of filigree and press down firmly.  Repeat with two remaining filigrees.

Step 3

Cut loop off two silver snowflakes and one gold snowflake with button shank remover.  Use Beacon 527 adhesive to attach two silver snowflakes to leather of silver filigree and gold snowflake to center of leather on gold filigree.

Step 4

Working on one snowflake piece at a time, pick up 6mm flatback crystal with Embellie Gellie tool; apply small dot of Crystal Glue to back.

Place between snowflake and edge of leather. Place six crystals evenly around each of three snowflakes.

Step 5

Place gold filigree and silver filigree back to back, align holes, and join together with jump ring. Connect with second jump ring approximately 3/8″ away from first jump ring. Place second silver filigree against gold one, back to back. Measure approximately 1/2″ around filigrees from last jump ring; connect together with jump rings.

It should form “V”-shape like this.

Step 6

Attach three jump rings together and hook one end onto loop of snowflake and other end to silver filigree, referring to photo for placement. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 7

Place mark on back of two remaining leather circles approximately 1/4″ from edge. Find opposite side of each circle and place another mark. Position hole punch over center of mark; punch it with hammer. Repeat on all holes.

Place eyelet in hole from front of leather and place it face down on mat. Place setting tool into tube of eyelet; tap it lightly a few times with hammer to set.

Step 8

Open jump ring and hook through eyelet.

Link two more jump rings together; attach them through jump ring in leather circle. Attach other end onto snowflake charm on end of necklace. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 9

Connect three snowflakes together with three jump rings between each one to form chain. Attach chain of three jump rings to last snowflake. Hook end jump ring into second eyelet hole of leather circle. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 10

Separate chain into two equal lengths. Open end link of each chain and attach to loop of snowflake at each end of necklace. Attach lobster clasp to other end of one chain and 8mm jump ring to other chain.

Step 11

String teardrop on headpin and create wrapped loop. Open 4mm jump ring, attach to bottom of gold filigree and to loop of teardrop before closing.

by Myléne Hillam for Silver Creek Leather (

Vintage Santa Spoon Ornament

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Use ribbon, vintage images, and sparkling Dew Drops to transform a simple spoon into a keepsake ornament.


  • The Robin’s Nest: Cream Cardstock, Christmas Rub-On, Gold Dew Drops, Christmas Tree Collection Tear Drop Dew Drops
  • Ribbon: red/white striped satin, narrow red glitter


  • Small oval punch
  • Craft wire
  • Dark red glitter glue
  • Adhesives: glue gun, clear-drying liquid glue, foam squares

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, pencil



Apply large Santa rub-on to cream cardstock. Turn spoon upside down over image and trace bowl onto cardstock over Santa’s face, using photo as placement guide. Carefully cut out oval, preserving remaining rub-on image. Highlight image edges with glitter glue and let dry.


Using glue gun, adhere row of red Tear Drop Dew Drops, tips in, around bowl of spoon as shown. Let set. Layer several foam squares inside bowl of spoon and adhere Santa image.


Punch small oval from lower portion of remaining rub-on image; Christmas sentiment should be visible. Using clear-drying liquid glue, adhere gold Dew Drops around oval edges; let dry.


Tie multi-loop bows around spoon handle; secure with glue gun. Adhere oval image to center of bows.


Create small hanger from wire; thread under ribbon at back and secure with glue gun.


  • Work up a set of ornaments in assorted holiday colors by changing out ribbon and Dew Drops.

by Robin O’Crowley for The Robin’s Nest (

Holiday Gift Box Stack

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Stack up the holiday excitement by giving three small boxes instead of one big one!


  • Cardboard boxes with lids, in assorted sizes, three
  • American Crafts Crate Paper Bundled Up Collection Paper and Ephemera Cardstock Die Cuts
  • May Arts wide cream ribbon
  • Blue shimmer twine


  • Xyron 3” Sticker Maker, 1/4” Double-Sided High Tack Tape, Adhesive Foam Squares from Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit
  • Art Anthology Fiesta Velvet Dimensional Paint
  • Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Walnut Stain ink pad

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, paintbrush, paper trimmer, newspaper (to cover work surface)



On covered work surface, paint boxes; set aside to dry.


Working one box at a time, cut paper panels measuring 1/4″ smaller than sides and top.


Ink edges of paper panels.


Run panels through Xyron 3” Sticker Maker.


Center paper on lids and sides of boxes; adhere. Repeat Steps 2-5 until boxes are covered.


Stack boxes as desired. Using Xyron 1/4″ Double-Sided High Tack Tape, adhere box lids to bottoms of boxes sitting above them. (Note: This allows boxes to open and gifts to be placed inside.)


Tie ribbon around box stack. Run die cut numbers “2” and “5” through Xyron 3” Sticker Maker; adhere to ribbon. Ink edges of mittens card. Using Xyron Adhesive Foam Squares from Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit, adhere mittens card and snowman die cut to stack. Using twine, tie Merry Christmas die cut to bow at top of stack.


  • Using these same techniques will yield a beautiful gift box from any plain box with a lid.
  • Have larger boxes? Xyron’s 5” Sticker Maker, 5” Creative Station or 9” Creative Station can be used for larger panels.

by Stacy Rodriguez for Xyron (

Heavenly Angel

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Decorate your home this holiday season with this beautiful angel made from fabric and freezer paper! Gold designs are airbrushed using lace and a paper doily as stencils, giving this angel her sparkle and shine.


  • Ivory sheer fabric, 18”x45”
  • Lace, 8”x8” scrap
  • FloraCraft Foam Cone, 6”
  • Paper doily, 12” circle
  • Gold ball Christmas ornament of choice, 1-1/2” diameter
  • Gold wire, 22- or 24-gauge
  • Gold headpins, three
  • Round pearls, three
  • Small green leafy Christmas sprig
  • Reynolds Freezer Paper


  • Testors Aztec Airbrush System
  • Testors Aztec Airbrushable Pearl Gold Acrylic Paint (available at or
  • Wire cutters
  • Paintbrush, 1”
  • Fast Finish Découpage
  • Adhesives: Stencil Ease Repositionable Stencil Adhesive, Elmer’s Craft Glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, marker, tape, craft knife, toothpicks, iron and pressing surface, knitting needle or skinny pen, newspaper (to cover work surface)


Angel Templates

1. Download and print angel body and wing template. (Note: The blue word “template” is a link. To access this template, select the link, then download and print.)

2. Follow directions to assemble body template.


1. From sheer fabric and freezer paper, cut one 16” square for angel body and three 8” squares for wings. Set wings aside.

2. Iron sheer fabric onto all freezer paper squares. (Note: Freezer paper will keep fabric stable while you work.)

3. Place 16” bonded fabric/paper square onto work surface with paper side up. Using template, trace one 12” circle onto freezer paper with marker. (Note: Circle will be visible through the sheer fabric.) Using marker, place dot in center of circle.

4. With fabric side up, use one-inch paintbrush to paint even coat of découpage on circle outline. Straddle line with center of brush to place découpage half inside and half outside of line. (Note: This will prevent fabric edge from fraying when cut.)

5. When dry, spray back side of 12-inch paper doily with repositionable stencil adhesive. Align doily with fabric circle and press to adhere.

6. Over covered work surface, use airbrush to paint doily gold.

7. When dry, carefully peel away doily, then fabric, from freezer paper.

8. Drape fabric over foam cone, matching dot to cone center.

9. For angel wings, place one 8” square onto work surface with paper side up. Trace wing template onto square using marker.

10. Use paintbrush to evenly coat entire fabric-side surface of each 8” square with découpage.

11. When completely dry, bond all three squares as follows:  Remove freezer paper from one square and place square on layer with wing outline. Paint with more découpage, which will bond fabrics together. Repeat with third wing and let dry.

12. Spray adhesive on back of lace and place over wing shape. (Note: Lace should cover wing completely.)

13. Over covered work surface, airbrush wing with gold paint. When completely dry, remove lace and cut out wing on marker line. Carefully peel away freezer paper.

14. For angel head, remove hanger/top from ball ornament. Place enough toothpicks in hole of ornament to fill space.  Adhere toothpicks to ball; let dry.

15. Wrap gold wire around knitting needle or skinny pen five times to form coiled ring small enough to cover toothpicks. Cut off excess wire.

16. Use craft knife to make small “x” cut into fabric over dot on cone. Insert toothpicks into spiral wire and push into dot in fabric, leaving about 1/4” space between head and body.

17. To form angel halo, double wrap wire around any round 1-1/2” object (such as a glue bottle). Slide wire off container. Make 45-degree bend in excess wire, leaving a 2-1/2” tail. Smooth out any kinks in wire circle.

18. Wrap opposite wire end around bend and cut off excess.

19. Push wire stem into cone behind angel’s head.

20. For angel arms, cut 8” wire length. Stick wire through cone, 1/4” below neck, leaving equal amount of wire on each side.  Bend wire to form angled arms.

21. Stick wire ends through ornamental Christmas sprig and loop ends.

22. Insert one headpin through each pearl. To attach wings on angel back, position one pearl at top of wings and push pearl headpin into cone. Place remaining pearl headpins at middle and at bottom to secure wings in place.

by The Domestic Diva ( for The Testor Corporation (

Santa Tag

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Use pre-made embellishments to craft this playful Christmas tag in a hurry.


  • Pretty Little Studio: Vintage Santa Claus Diecut; Christmas at Home Collection Deck the Halls Paper Ribbons, Comfort and Joy 8”x8” Paper, Merry Shipping Tags
  • My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Lovely Collection Pins
  • Green button
  • Green sequins
  • Trims: red/white baker’s twine, sheer white ribbon


  • Adhesives: paper adhesive, foam tape, tiny clear dots

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, pencil




Santa Tag

1. Cut 2”x2-3/4” Comfort and Joy paper strip; notch end with scissors. Adhere to right side of shipping tag.

2. Cut and adhere two paper ribbon banners to first banner.

3. Adhere Santa Claus diecut using foam tape.

4. Tie ribbon bow and adhere to top of tag with clear dots. Thread button with twine, knotting ends at front. Adhere button to bow with clear dots. Push two pins through bow behind button.

5. Adhere sequins with clear dots.


  • Do not leave tag laying in presence of small children; small components and pins present a choking hazard.

by Celeste Brodnik

Jolly Ol’ Elf Mini Album

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Make a gift album they won’t forget! Paper bags work well for albums because they provide built-in pocket details for tags, photos, and memorabilia.


  • White paper bags, 3-1/2”x6-3/4”x2”, two
  • Cardstock: The Robin’s Nest Cindy Lou Dot Glitter, Cindy Lou Stripe, Cindy Lou Who Presents; pale green, bright green, and white scraps
  • Holiday-themed paper scraps, assorted
  • The Robin’s Nest Dew Drops Christmas Collection (dd137)
  • Buttons, assorted
  • Trims: seam binding, lace, ribbon, rickrack
  • Silk flower


  • Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting System and Tim Holtz Alterations On the Edge Scallops Die
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Seal Punch
  • Imagine Crafts Tsukineko VersaMagic Aloe Vera Chalk Ink Pad
  • Adhesives: clear-drying liquid glue, double-sided tape

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scoring tool, scissors, ruler, pencil



6-3/4”x3-1/2” (closed)

Note: Ink all paper and paper bag edges Aloe Vera prior to assembly.

Album Base

1. Measure and mark first paper bag 1” from open end. Cut away 1”-wide strip on front layer of paper bag only.

2. Measure and mark second paper bag 2” from open end. Fold on line; unfold bag.

3. To create album base, place paper bags lengthwise and side by side on work surface with open ends of bags facing each other at center; bag bottoms should face up.

4. Apply double-sided tape to back of 2”-wide flap on second bag and slide flap into open end of first bag. Press bags together to secure adhesive.

First Spread

1. See Photo 1. Cut 4-1/4”x3-1/2” red striped paper panel; score and fold to measure 2-1/8”x3-1/2”. Adhere back of folded paper to bag bottom on left side. Unfold paper and adhere flower and green trim as shown.

Photo 1

2. Cut 6-7/8”x3-1/2” strip from green/red flourish paper. Adhere paper to front of first paper bag; this is hidden by longer strip in photo.

3. Cut 9-3/8”x3-1/2” strip from green/red flourish paper. Die cut one short end using scallops die. Score and fold strip at 4-5/8”. Adhere straight edge of strip to flourish paper beneath bag flap.

4. Adhere top and bottom edges of bag bottom to paper beneath, creating pocket.

5. Create small cardstock tag to slide into pocket. Adhere embellishment to die-cut page. Fold die-cut page to left.

Second Spread

1. See Photo 2. Cut 7-1/2”x3-1/2” red cardstock strip. Adhere to album base, sliding left end inside open bag and right end beneath bag flap on right. Adhere top and bottom edges of bag bottom to cardstock layer, creating pocket.

Photo 2

2. Cut 2-1/8”x3-1/2” green/red flourish paper strip. Adhere to bag bottom on right. Adhere braid trim to edge of paper as shown.

3. Create small cardstock tags to slide into pocket on right.

4. Fold die-cut page to left again.

Third Spread

1. See Photo 3. Adhere lace trim to edge of flourish panel covering bag front.

Photo 3

2. Create another cardstock tag to insert into pocket created by open end of bag.

3. Adhere embellishment to back of striped page at far left.

4. See Photo 4. Cut two 3-3/4”x4-1/2” green/red flourish paper panels; score each panel 1” from one short end. Die cut ends opposite folds. Fold on score lines and adhere flaps to top and bottom edges of left-hand album page, next to fold. Cut 3-1/2”x3-1/2” square of dot paper and adhere between flaps. Refold page.

Photo 4

5. Fold bag bottom to left to meet edge of striped page.

Fourth Spread

1. See Photo 5. Cut 9-3/8”x3-1/2” red/green leaf paper strip. Score and fold 4-5/8” from one short end. Adhere to last folded page of album as shown. Adhere green trim to left edge.

Photo 5

2. See Photo 6. To create fold-out dot page, cut 10-1/2”x3-7/8” dot paper strip. Score strip 3-1/2” from each short end; die cut short ends. Fold strip and adhere to last album page on three sides, leaving right edge open to create pocket.

Photo 6

3. Cut 3-1/2”x3” striped paper panel and adhere inside open page on three sides, leaving right edge open to create pocket. Add paper strip and embellishment to bottom of lower flap.

4. Create small cardstock tags to slide into pockets. Close page.


1. Open album to first spread. Fold striped paper panel closed and adhere Santa image and three red Dew Drops to front to create left side of front cover.

2. Cut 9-3/8”x3-1/2” dot paper strip; score and fold at 4-5/8”. Adhere paper to front and back of album on right side.

3. Cut 6-7/8”x3-1/2” red striped paper strip; adhere to back of album.

4. Cut two 12” seam binding lengths. Center and adhere ends to edges of front covers; let dry. Adhere lace and trim to edges of cover to hide seam binding ends; let dry.

5. Tie album closed as shown.

6. Using photo as guide, embellish right side of front cover.


  • Be sure to use clear-drying liquid glue with Dew Drops embellishments for best effect.

by Tonya Wilson-Trantham (

Be Merry Card

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Combine chic paper tape and an easy watercolor technique to craft this merry-and-bright greeting.


  • White cardstock: textured, smooth
  • Queen & Co. Trendy Tape Vertical Stripes Teal


  • Punches: corner rounder, assorted circles
  • Printworks Stamps: Star Snowflake (B3845), Be Merry (A2764)
  • Black pigment ink pad
  • Clear embossing powder
  • Markers: Ranger Tim Holtz Evergreen Distress Marker, Imagination International COPIC Yellow
  • Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accents
  • Water-barrel brush
  • Tiny stapler
  • Paper adhesive

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scoring tool, scissors, ruler, pencil, heat tool



Make 4-1/2”x6” top-fold card from textured white cardstock; round bottom corners.


Cut 4-1/4”x4” textured white cardstock panel; round bottom corners. Apply diagonal tape strips across panel as shown; trim tape even with panel edges. Adhere panel to card.


Stamp sentiment and four snowflakes onto smooth white cardstock, leaving space between images; heat emboss with clear powder.


Lightly trace snowflakes with Evergreen marker; use water-barrel brush to blend color, creating watercolor look. Color stars with yellow marker. Punch snowflakes into circles of assorted size; overlap and adhere to card along top of taped panel. Highlight stars with Glossy Accents; let dry.


Cut sentiment into small, notched flag; staple to upper left corner of card.


  • For a glitzy version of this card, use metallic tape and outline snowflake images with glitter glue instead of marker.

by Linda Beeson (

Cloud Clay Embellished Christmas Tags

This time of the year, I am looking to get my presents made and wrapped and to do it all in a creative way and ahead of time. The holiday season is a great time to showcase your DIY talents but, let’s face it, anything that takes hours of work probably isn’t going to get done. Today I have a quick-and-easy Christmas-themed project that combines the drying convenience of AMACO Cloud Clay – a quick-drying air dry clay – recycled clothing tags, glitter, and paint. It hits all the sweet spots: it’s easy, it’s quick, it isn’t messy, it recycles, and it has glitter!

What you’ll need:

  • Small Christmas Tree cookie cutter (mine is about 1-1/2” tall)
  • AMACO Green Cloud Clay
  • Recycled clothing tags (or hand-cut/die-cut tags)
  • Chalkboard paint or other acrylic paint
  • Ribbon
  • Your choice of decorations (I used glitter and white glue, glitter glue, and pale gold acrylic paint)

Start by pinching off a palm-sized piece of Cloud Clay and knead it to warm it up and soften it. Pull it and fold it until it is nice and supple. Roll a piece of the Cloud Clay into a long snake.

Bend the clay snake into a series of loops and push them together gently to make a lumpy rectangle of clay which is larger than the cookie cutter.

Press the cookie cutter into the clay.

Gently remove the clay shape from the cookie cutter (you can ease it out by pressing a small ball of Cloud Clay to the back of the shape – the clay will stick to itself so you can use the ball as a handle to pull the shape out of the cookie cutter.) Cut away the ball of clay with a pair of sharp scissors.

Set aside the shape to dry as you repeat the process to make more trees.

As the Christmas trees are drying, you can decorate them. Here are some ideas:

Using a tube of glitter glue, run lines of glitter along the dips in the clay.

Using white glue, dot the glue on the tree and then dredge with glitter. Wait until the glue is dry to brush off the excess glitter and return it to the tube.

Paint the tree with a generous coat of gold acrylic paint. Wait about 30 seconds then wipe the excess off using a paper towel – the paint will have settled into the depressions in the shape.

Draw on the tree – I use a Ranger Inkssentials white marker.

While your trees finish drying, coat the tags with a coat of paint – I used black chalkboard paint but you can use any color or type of paint. You may need a couple coats of paint to cover the tags.

Cut pieces of ribbon 10″ long and knot through the tags (you may need to punch larger holes in the tags to take wider ribbon).

Attach the Christmas Trees to the tags using glue or dimensional glue dots.

If you use chalkboard paint, you can write on the tags using chalk – other dark paints will take gel pens and lighter paints will take permanent markers.

by Helen Bradley for AMACO (

Joyeux Noel Card

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Beautiful shades of teal and burgundy put a new spin on the traditional tones of the season. Lush, layered accents from Ruby Rock-it’s Joyeux Noel Collection give this card vintage-look elegance in an instant.


  • Burgundy cardstock
  • Ruby Rock-it Joyeux Noel Collection: Paper Pack, Layered Accents, Diecut Silhouettes, Bling, Trim
  • Trims: white scalloped lace, gold cord
  • Teal/gold silk poinsettia


  • Sewing machine and dark teal thread
  • Border punches, two of choice
  • Modeling paste
  • Plastic dot-pattern mask
  • Chalk inks: dark teal, burgundy
  • Beacon Adhesives 3-in-1 Glue

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scoring tool, scissors, ruler, pencil, sponge dauber, palette knife



Make 6”x5-1/4” burgundy top-fold card.


Cut 5-1/2”x4-3/4” teal damask paper panel and sponge edges with teal chalk ink. Using sewing machine, stitch around panel edges. Adhere panel to card.


Cut 5-1/2”x2” burgundy print paper strip, punch both long edges with first border punch, and sponge edges with burgundy ink. Adhere across bottom of teal panel.


Cut 5-1/2”x1-1/2” gold print paper strip, punch both long edges with second border punch, and sponge edges with burgundy ink. Wrap gold ribbon around center, adhering ends at back. Adhere strip to card.


Place mask over random areas of card and apply modeling paste using palette knife. Remove mask and let paste dry completely.


Cut lace to fit across top of card; adhere in gentle swag.


Using photo as guide, sponge edges of layered accents and silhouette with burgundy ink. Adhere elements to card as shown.


  • Use modeling paste with plastic masks and stencils to create interesting texture on cards and other projects; let dry completely after application.

by Lisa Novogrodski (