Kit Club Winners!

Hello Crafts ‘n things friends! It’s Jill Cornell here with you today to announce the lucky winners of the “A Closer Look at Kit Clubs” blog post contest. In my last post on July 16th, I announced that I would be profiling a few scrapbooking and paper crafting kit clubs in coming months. The first two clubs, Frog Dog Studio and Scrapbook Circle, are each giving away this month’s kit! Be sure to click this link to get all the details about both of these fun and inspiring kit clubs.

The winner of the Frog Dog Studio kit is Amy. The winner of the Scrapbook Circle kit is Jennie. Both winners were chosen using Congratulations, Amy and Jennie! We will contact you by email with more information about your prizes.

Here’s another peek at both kits. The kit below is from Frog Dog Studio.

The Scrapbook Circle kit is shown below.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the post. Until next time, happy crafting!

Jill Cornell from Blessed Scrapper (


Vintage Button Bracelets

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Showcase favorite vintage buttons with these darling bracelets that may be paired with any outfit. Whip one up anytime for a perfect last-minute gift.


  • Strong thread (waxed linen or nylon), 2 yds.
  • Vintage buttons, 6-10
  • Vintage or new beads in pearl tones, or sparkling vintage crystals, 6-10


  • Micro crochet hook, size 7.5
  • Glue or clear nail polish

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



Lay out buttons and beads and determine pattern for bracelet. Choose one button, perhaps a bit larger than others, for toggle closure.


Tie knot at thread end to keep beads and buttons from falling off. String beads and buttons onto thread and slide them down so you have one yard of thread to work with. Place toggle button on thread first so it will be the last button stitched. Use buttons with shanks or holes. If using buttons with holes, bring thread up through bottom of button, then back through other hole. If button has four holes, only pass thread through twice.


Crochet approximately 16 chain stitches, and pick up first stitch to form a loop. Test to be sure toggle button fits through hole. If not, undo loop and add several stitches until button easily passes through, but without being too loose.


After loop is complete, add two more chain stitches, and slide first bead or button down to stitches and make next chain stitch with bead or button encased in thread.


Do three to four chain stitches between each bead and button. If bracelet is too long or short, just pull out the chain without undoing loop, and add or subtract stitches. A standard bracelet length is 7-1/2” long.


When finished, wrap thread around stitch of final button, tie two knots and snip excess thread. Apply dab of clear nail polish or glue to secure knot.

by Maryellen Kim

Vintage Pillowcase Shirt

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


At first glance, you’d never guess this shirt is made from a vintage pillowcase! Search flea markets or garage sales to find pillowcases with pretty patterns or embroidery.


  • Vintage pillowcase
  • Double-fold bias tape, 1/4”, 48” length
  • Non-roll elastic, 1/2” wide, chest measurement at armpits minus 1”


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Safety pin

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


(Note: Measurements are approximate. Adjust lengths as needed for desired size.)

1. Wash and dry pillowcase. Place pillowcase on flat work surface. Cut 11” from closed end.

2. Fold under raw edges 1/4”; press.

3. Fold edges again 1-1/4”; press to form top hem.

4. Topstitch around pressed edges 1” from fold. Leave 2” opening to insert elastic.

5. Use safety pin to thread elastic through casing. Overlap elastic 1/2” and stitch to secure. Check for proper fit before continuing.

6. Place any protruding elastic into casing; sew opening closed. Set shirt aside.

7. For straps, cut two 24” bias tape lengths. Machine-sew zigzag stitch down center of each strap.

8. Straight stitch strap to inside, front of shirt, 4” from armpit. Repeat for remaining strap. Knot ends.

9. Tie straps around neck.

by Lisa Bychowski

Starry Night Cross-stitch

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs, and snuggling in sleeping bags under a star-filled sky! Who could resist a night braving the wilderness? Cross-stitch this design for your favorite camper!


  • DMC 14-count Navy Blue Aida, 18” square
  • DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss


  • Embroidery needle

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: 2 strands
  • Cross-stitch: 2 strands

Basic Supplies



Size / Stitch Count

Approximate finished size: 9-1/2″x7-3⁄4”; Stitch count: 135 w x 110 H

Starry Night

1. Print cross-stitch chart and key. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.)

2. Cross-stitch design centered on fabric using two strands floss.

3. Backstitch lady bug, heart, and faces on bunny and children using two strands 3371 Black Brown. Backstitch remaining design where indicated using two strands 801 Coffee Brown, Dk.

4. Frame as desired.

by Carla Acosta for The DMC Corp.

Gardener’s Apron & Kneeling Pad

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Make gardening even more fun with this coordinating gardener’s apron and kneeling pad. The kneeling pad will protect and cushion your knees as you garden the day away in this stylish, yet functional, apron.


  • Fabrics: large floral print, 1 yd.; stripe, 1/3 yd.
  • Ribbon, 7/8”, 2-1/4 yd.


  • Foam, 2” thick, 8”x16”
  • Sewing machine and matching thread

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, pencil, iron and pressing surface



1. Cut 24”x31” rectangle from floral fabric. Fold in half lengthwise. Use pencil to mark 6” from fold at top edge, 8” from top, and 14” from top along selvage edge. Use pencil to draw a line from 6” mark down, 8” then curve line to meet with 14” mark on selvage edge. Use scissors to cut along line, creating one-piece apron shape.

2. Fold side and bottom edges in 1-1/2”; press. Open up and fold edges into crease and press again. Use straight stitch to top stitch along entire edge of apron. Fold top edge in 2”, press. Open up and fold raw edge into crease and press. Use straight stitch to top stitch along entire top edge of apron. Cut and sew 22” ribbon length to top two edges for neck loop, and two 28” lengths at sides for apron ties.

3. Cut 8-1/2” square from striped fabric. Fold in all edges 1/2”; press. Use pencil to mark bottom two corners 2” from bottom edge and 2” in from each side. Use pencil to draw line between marks and press along line to create clipped corners. Use straight stitch to top stitch along entire shape of pocket. Use straight stitch to sew pocket to apron, leaving top edge open.

Kneeling Pad

1. Use sharp scissors to cut 8”x16” rectangle from foam. Cut 11”x19” rectangle from floral and stripe fabrics. Using 1/2” seam allowance, sew right sides together and sew around all sides, leaving a 4” opening along top edge.

2. Use pencil to mark 1-1/2” in from each edge at all four corners for two marks at each corner. Open up corners and place seams together, matching edge markings. Straight stitch between marks for a pleated corner. Repeat for three remaining corners. Turn case right side out and insert foam. Hand sew opening closed.

by Keri Lee Sereika

Great Finds Friday: Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears

Welcome to Great Finds Friday! Today, I’d like to introduce you to a brand-new product from Fiskars, maker of the famous orange-handled scissors we all know and love. Now, Fiskars has married innovative Amplify™ technology to their unique design to create an amazing new line of tools for mixed-media crafters.

Fiskars Brands, Inc., has one of the most enduring histories in the craft industry. Established in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland. Yes, you read that correctly. . . 1649! To read more about their history, and their many modern achievements, visit their site. Learn how and why those famous handles got their color, too.

The “Original Orange-Handled Scissors” celebrated their 45th anniversary last year. First introduced in 1967, they provided the home seamstress and professional alike a lighter and more comfortable design.

In my home, and at Grandma’s house, they were known as “the good scissors” and were off-limits to the kids. I can’t tell you how grown-up I felt the first time I bought my own pair of orange-handled scissors. And I’ve guarded them with my life, just like Mom and Grandma.

I’m now the proud owner of several pairs of Fiskars scissors, including the new Amplify Mixed Media Shears. These premium shears are designed for cutting extra-thick mixed-media materials like chipboard, corkboard, canvas, vinyl, leather, magnet, and more.  They also cut fabric and ribbon, so I don’t have to switch scissors midway through a project.

Amplify Mixed Media Shears are available in three sizes for cutting in tight spaces (6”), all-purpose cutting (8”), and large-scale projects requiring long, clean cuts (10”). All shears include a sheath to protect the blades and all come with a lifetime warranty.

Here are photos of the 6” and 10” shears, as well as the protective sheath that comes with each pair. The sheath takes a little fine-motor coordination to remove, so little hands are less likely to come into contact with the blades, but they are very sharp and should be kept in a safe place.

Another thing that makes these shears so unique is that they sense blade separation as you’re cutting, and the design mechanism forces the blades back together to cut cleanly through thick materials. The tool does the work, saving strain on your hands and making every project more enjoyable to create.

Purchase Fiskars Amplify Shears at JoAnn Stores now, or on the Fiskars customer service page. Shears retail from $24.99 to $39.99 and come with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re a mixed-media crafter, you may never need to buy another pair of scissors.

Watch for more information about Fiskars Amplify shears, including an exciting announcement, in early September on the blog as we celebrate National Sewing Month.

Happy Crafting!

Dawn Gehring, Crafts ‘n things Editorial Staff

Beach Chic Ornaments

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Capture memories of the beach by creating beautiful keepsake ornaments from crushed seashells and pebbles found near the shore during summer vacation.


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Ball, 3″
  • Decorative crushed seashells or tiny green pebbles
  • Beach charm
  • Eye pins, two
  • Coordinating pearl bead
  • Coordinating metallic wired ribbon, 1-3/8″-wide
  • Gold cord, 8″ length


  • Pallette knife or table knife
  • Adhesives: Gane Brothers and Lane Yes! Paste, Plaid Gloss Mod Podge, Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

wooden skewer, shallow bowl, jar, foam paintbrush


(Note: Materials listed are for one ornament.)

step 1

Push wooden skewer into 3″ ball to hold while adhering materials onto ornament. Pour crushed seashells into a shallow bowl. Spread 1/4” layer of Yes! Paste smoothly over ball using palette or table knife. Roll paste-covered ball firmly in seashells. Press shell material into paste with fingertips. Sprinkle areas that remain uncovered with crushed seashell and press firmly into the paste. Set wooden skewer into jar to let dry thoroughly.

 step 2

Using foam paintbrush, apply one coat of Mod Podge to entire ball; let dry.

step 3

Attach charm to head of eye pin. Thread pearl bead onto stem. Insert eye pin stem into center bottom of ball.

step 4

Tie full ribbon bow as shown. Remove skewer from ornament and adhere bow to ornament, covering hole.

step 5

For hanger, adhere and insert remaining eye pin into top of bow. Insert gold cording into eye pin and tie into loop.

step 6

Make pebble ornament in same way as crushed seashell ornament.


  • Instead of ornaments, simply cover balls in crushed seashells and/or tiny pebbles and place in a glass bowl, vase or basket for a charming centerpiece.

by Kathleen George for Dow Chemical Co (

Seashell Soap

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Bring the enchantment of the sea to any bath with beautiful and fragrant handmade soap you can emboss using M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders and Craft Foils from Spellbinders.


  • Spellbinders Delicate Pastels Premium Craft Foils Assortment
  • May Arts Ivory Curled Edge Sheer Ribbon
  • Life of the Party Creative Soap Bar Kit


  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die-Cutting System and Raspberry Spacer Plate
  • Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Shell Beauty Embossing Folder
  • Microwave oven
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Non-stick cooking spray

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, measuring cup, measuring spoon, mixing spoon





1. Measure inside bottom of soap mold and cut foil piece to same dimensions.

2. Place foil inside Shell Beauty embossing folder and emboss with Raspberry Spacer Plate and Grand Calibur machine.

3. Place foil inside mold with embossed area facing down. Lightly coat soap mold and embossed foil with non-stick cooking spray to make release easier.

4. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to melt soap. Add colorant and fragrance, if desired. Add less colorant for more pastel look; add more for deeper color. Use caution as melted soap is very hot when removed from microwave.

5. Carefully pour melted soap into mold and let set as indicated in instructions.

6. Once soap is fully set, remove from mold by gently pressing on mold. Gently lift edge of foil from soap and peel away.

7. If desired, tie soap bar with ribbon for decorative effect.


  • Lightly coat soap mold and embossed foil with non-stick cooking spray to allow for easy removal of embossed soap.

by Darsie Bruno for Spellbinders (

You Are My Anchor Card

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Create this cute card to tell a friend what a big impact she’s made on your life.


  • Cardstock: My Favorite Things Nightshift Blue, X-Press It Blending Card
  • Lily Bee Design Double Dutch Collection 6”x6” Paper Pad
  • Silver brads, six


  • Die-cutting system and My Favorite Things Die-namics Dies: Sentiment Strips, Simply Scallops Medium
  • My Favorite Things à la modes Collection You Anchor Me Stamp Set
  • Acrylic block
  • Imagine Crafts Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad
  • .Too Marker Corp. COPIC Markers: E00, E11, Y21, E31, E33, R05, R08, R37, B95, B97, B99, C00, C1, C3, BG70, BG72, 0.25 Black Multiliner, Opaque White
  • Newell-Rubbermaid Prismacolor Colored Pencils
  • Adhesives: paper adhesive; X-Press It Foam Tape, 1/2”

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scoring tool, scissors, ruler, pencil, toothpick, paper piercer and mat



Make 4-1/4”x5-1/2” navy top-fold card.


Cut 4”x5-1/4” red patterned paper panel; adhere to card.


Die cut navy scalloped border strip.


Cut 4”x2-3/8” blue gingham paper panel; mat on 4”x2-5/8” navy cardstock panel. Center scalloped border strip along back bottom edge of mat; trim ends. Adhere to lower half of card as shown.


Stamp image onto Blending Card; trim to 2”x3-7/8”. Using photo as guide, color image with markers. Using toothpick and Opaque White marker, dot shirt with polka dots. Add grass using Multiliner; color ground with colored pencils. Mat image on navy cardstock.


Pierce six holes in image panel for brads, using photo as guide. Insert brads.


Die cut one sentiment strip from Blending Card scraps. Stamp “You Are” onto one flagged end; trim. Stamp “My Anchor” onto remaining flagged end.


Adhere image panel to card using foam tape; adhere sentiments under edge of image as shown.


  • Use a toothpick and an opaque white marker to create easy polka dots on the shirt.

by Michele Boyer (

A Closer Look at Kit Clubs

Hello Crafts ‘n things friends! It’s Jill Cornell with you today, and I have a very exciting series that I am going to be starting here on the Crafts ‘n things blog and today is our kick-off! For the next few months, I am going to be highlighting a couple of scrapbooking and paper crafting kit clubs, and each club is going to give away that month’s kit!

First, let’s meet Tina Walker, owner of Frog Dog Studio, and get to know more about her fabulous mixed-media kit.

 1) When did you start your kit club? And what made you decide to go into business?

Frog Dog Studio was started in June 2013, so we are ‘the new kid on the block.’ I started Frog Dog Studio because I love creating art and I love to show others how to make pretty things. I believe that everyone has the ability to create, yet may be afraid to try. One of the main goals of Frog Dog Studio is to show others how to create with video and photo tutorials. I want the world to love Mixed Media!

2) Do you offer subscriptions? What does a subscription entail?

Yes, we offer monthly subscriptions. A subscription will guarantee monthly availability of an awesome Mixed Media kit. Each kit will provide a multitude of craft possibilities. Kits may have unique, one-of-a-kind items, exclusive Frog Dog Studio stencils and stamps, and fabulous Mixed Media product.

A subscriber will also receive advance peeks at up-and-coming kits and first dibs on Limited Edition kits. A subscription will automatically renew each month, with a minimum subscription of 3 months.

3) Do you offer a one-time purchase option?

Yes, all kits are available for a one-time purchase option, as long as supplies last.

4) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, effective with new kits shipping July 1st, Frog Dog Studio will ship internationally, to a select group of destinations. Please visit for more details.

5) Do you offer add-ons?

Frog Dog Studio does not currently offer the ‘typical’ add-on kit, but offers add-on purchase items for sale in the Frog Dog Studio Shop. Shop Items include a range of basic Mixed Media art supplies to items that supplement your monthly kit. For example, the July kit includes two bottles of Tim Holtz Distress Paint. If you are interested in other Distress Paint colors, the store will carry a limited selection of additional colors. Shop purchases will ship FREE with your monthly kit purchase.

6) What does a typical kit look like (i.e. how many sheets of cardstock? patterned paper? alphabets? embellishments)? Describe it for us.

At Frog Dog Studio, we want to keep our kits fresh, fun, and full of creative expression. Kits may include unique, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, or an Exclusive Frog Dog Studio stencil or stamp set, and will always include an amazing assortment of Mixed Media supplies, such as paint, ink, or spray.

7) What sets you apart from the competition? Do you offer exclusives?

I believe that Frog Dog Studio is unique in that we believe in educating and sharing our creative process with all types of Mixed Media and Paper artists, worldwide. I believe we are the first Mixed Media ONLY kit club. Our focus is Mixed Media, not a Mixed Media ‘add-on’ to supplement a Scrapbooking or Paper Crafting kit. Yes, Frog Dog Studio will offer Exclusive Stencils and Stamp Sets.

8) Do you appeal to a wide range of papercrafters? Who is your audience? (Scrapbookers, Project Lifers, card makers, altered and mixed-media artists?)

Frog Dog Studio’s audience is anyone who wants to create art. We appeal to hardcore Mixed Media artists, to the person who wants to create art, but needs a little help in getting started, to the scrapbooker who loves Mixed Media and wants to incorporate it into their layouts.

9) Do you have a design team? How can subscribers and others find inspiration with your kit?

Yes, Frog Dog Studio has a fabulous design team. The design team has a broad range of experience and project expertise. Our team creates amazing art journal pages, to off-the-page projects, to wonderful canvases and wall art. Every week, our design team shares video and photo tutorials on how they created their kit projects and share hints, tips, and how-to’s on the Frog Dog Studio blog. Frog Dog Studio also has a YouTube channel where you can find all of our amazing video tutorials. Here is a project using this month’s kit from design team member Martha Richardson.

10) Link us up with your website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.






And now the giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win July’s Frog Dog Studio kit!


Next, let’s meet Lisa Andrews, owner of Scrapbook Circle, and get to know more about her monthly scrapbooking kit.

1) When did you start your kit club? And what made you decide to go into business?

I started Scrapbook Circle back in 2006. I had been scrapbooking for years and loved the concept of creating a kit each month filled with my favorite products to share with others. We are celebrating 7 years of creating, preserving memories, and sharing ideas with others!

2) Do you offer subscriptions? What does a subscription entail?

Our subscription is very low-commitment – just 2 months! The subscription means that you commit to purchase at least two consecutive kits. The benefits of signing up for a subscription are that you get a $5 discount on the kit each month plus you are guaranteed a kit.

3) Do you offer a one-time purchase option?

Yes!  If you just want to purchase one kit, that is an option at checkout.

4) Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We ship a large portion of our kits internationally each month. We love our international subscribers!

5) Do you offer add-ons?

Yes, we offer add-ons every month. We always have an embellishment add-on that coordinates with our main kit, in addition to a cardstock add-on. Sometimes we also offer other add-ons like party kits or seasonal kits.

6) What does a typical kit look like (i.e. how many sheets of cardstock? patterned paper? alphabets? embellishments)? Describe it for us.

Each of our kits comes with 8 – 10 sheets of patterned paper. We always include an alphabet and then pack the kit with our favorite embellishments such as stickers, tags, buttons, trims, rub-ons and more.

We carefully place each kit in a sealed plastic bag and ship it in one of our custom-made pizza boxes.

7) What sets you apart from the competition? Do you offer exclusives?

There are a few things that we hope set us apart from others. First is our customer service. We make our subscribers a priority and have the goal every day of treating everyone just as we would want to be treated.

Also, we love offering exclusive Scrapbook Circle products in our kits! Each kit always has a custom, coordinating printable created that is included with each kit. We also offer a variety of exclusive items made just for us in different kits such as stickers, buttons and tags.

8) Do you appeal to a wide range of papercrafters? Who is your audience? (Scrapbookers, Project Lifers, card makers, altered and mixed-media artists?)

We feel like our kits are perfect for all types of papercrafters. Our kits are filled with plenty of product to create a few layouts and then have plenty left for cardmaking or Project Life pages. We include a variety of things each month in the kit with the thought that the products will work for a variety of projects.

9) Do you have a design team? How can subscribers and others find inspiration with your kit?

We have an amazingly talented creative team who share ideas daily on our blog. We also have a creative team ideas page on our site where you can see everything our creative team has created with our kits.

Here is a project from design team member Jill Cornell, using this month’s kit:

10) Link us up with your website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

We hope you will stop by and visit us!








And now the giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win July’s Scrapbook Circle kit!

Remember, leave a comment by Monday, July 22nd at midnight to be entered for a chance to win either of these two beautiful kits! Winners will be announced on the blog on Tuesday, July 23rd.

Happy crafting!

Jill Cornell from Blessed Scrapper (