Mini Koi® Watercolor Cards Plus Free Printable Template

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These colorful cards are the perfect size to tape to a cupcake box or to hang on a gift bag.



  • Sakura of America Koi Coloring Brush Pens
  • Sakura of America Koi Coloring Brush Colorless Blender
  • Sakura of America Koi Water Brush
  • Computer and printer

Basic Supplies

scissors or paper trimmer


Watercolor Card

1. Click here to access free mini cards template. (Note: Depending on your printer’s ink, the ink may smear when colored over with Colorless Blender. Avoid coloring directly on printed areas, or use a copier to copy cards instead of printing them. Copier ink is less likely to smear.)

2. Trim piece of watercolor paper to 8-1/2”x11” to fit in the printer; print cards. (Note: Use watercolor paper to achieve best results.)

3. Follow Sakura’s Koi Watercolor Tutorial below to color images. Use Koi Coloring Brush pens to add color and Koi Coloring Brush Colorless Blender (filled with colorless ink) to blend shades together seamlessly.

4. When coloring is complete, cut out mini cards on black lines. Fold in half on light gray dotted line.

Sakura’s Koi Watercolor Tutorial

1. Trace letters on printed cards, using very light pressure to create a thin outline. Use coloring brush pens as you would regular marker. The flexible tip allows for fine or bold brush strokes.

2. Koi Coloring Brush pens can also produce a watercolor effect. Color portion of the picture. Use Colorless Blender to distribute color within shape. Messy lines look better when blended than straight ones.

3. To blend a new color, be sure to wipe the blender pen nib on a piece of scrap paper, or it may deposit unwanted color.

4. The blender pen can be used to “borrow” color from another area. Use blender pen to pick up some pigment to create lighter washes of color.

5. Add shading and dimension by depositing more colored ink over area that is already blended.

6. Use broad side of brush pen to draw border or fill in large areas. Go over it with the Colorless Blender to soften strokes and mimic watercolor paint.

7. Layer different colors to add depth to the image. Choose two shades in the same color family and overlap them. Use Colorless Blender to create a seamless gradient.

8. Fill in large areas by using Koi Water Brush to pick up and deposit color. Fill tube with water, then squeeze gently to release one drop. Pick up color with brush and blend it on the background.


by Maureen Wilson for Sakura of America (


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