Turkey Glove Gobblers

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These silly little turkeys are stuffed with a candy surprise! Create several for your child’s Thanksgiving treats for school, or to use as table favors on Thanksgiving Day.


  • Stretch glove: rust, tan, or brown
  • Craft foam scraps: tan, red, yellow
  • Wiggle eyes, 7mm, two
  • Yellow chenille stem
  • Plastic sandwich bag
  • Candy treat


  • Thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, measuring cup



  • Print patterns. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print.) Cut patterns from craft foam as indicated on patterns.


  • Use photo as guide to make turkey. Adhere eyes, beak, and wattle to thumb and wing to palm of glove as shown.


  • For legs, cut chenille stem to measure 9”. Fill sandwich bag with approximately 1/2 cup of candy. Center and twist legs around bag above candy; cut away excess bag. Wrap ends of each leg around feet; twist to secure.


  • Place candy bag inside glove so feet are sticking out. Fold up glove cuff 3/4” and bend legs up.

by Kathy Wegner

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