Ruffled Christmas Wreath

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Enhance the beauty of your home this holiday season with an elegant ivory ruffled wreath airbrushed and accented in gold.


  • Foam wreath, 12”
  • Ruffled knit ivory fabric, 60” wide, 1/4 yd.
  • Offray Pearl-Edge Ivory Sheer Ribbon, 2” wide, 4 ft.
  • Gold ball holiday stems
  • Pearls, two
  • Straight pins, two
  • Headpins, two
  • Craft wire


  • Testors Aztek Airbrush System
  • Testors Aztek Fine Line Nozzle
  • Testors Aztek Pearl Gold Acrylic Airbrush
  • Wire cutters
  • Adhesives: hot glue gun and sticks, painter’s tape

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, craft sticks, newspaper (to cover work surface), clothes hangers



Separate ruffles by cutting fabric into 1-1/2” strips that consist of 1” of ruffle and 1/2” of flat border. (Note: Knit fabric doesn’t fray.)


To paint ruffles, secure both ends of each strip to covered work surface with painters tape. Work in sections if space is limited to paint an entire strip at one time. Ruffle edge should be taut but not so tight it curls.


Using airbrush with fine nozzle attached, create line across edge of ruffle with gold paint. Use light trigger pressure, as too much pressure from the airbrush will lift delicate fabric. Repeat for all ruffle strips. Drape ruffles over hangers to dry.


Attach end of one ruffle strip to top center on back side of wreath using glue gun. Use craft sticks to hold the fabric in place while glue sets.


Wrap strip around wreath, creating small tucks  –  one on outer edge, one on front flat surface, and one on inside edge. Adhere tucks in place.


Bring fabric strip to back of wreath and continue with next row. Ruffled hem from previous row should cover flat border of new row when it is adhered in place. On curved areas, overlap ruffles at inner edges of wreath more than outer edges because of difference in diameter.


Continue working around one side of wreath to bottom center, adding strips as needed. At bottom center, cut strip and adhere in back. Move to top center and attach end of ruffle strip to back side of wreath. Working in opposite direction, overlap strips in center to create flat double border to be covered later. Repeat Steps 5-7 to finish covering remaining side of wreath with ruffles.


Wrap length of pearl-edged ribbon over flat double border, bringing it to back of wreath. Fold ribbon, creating 6” loop. Slip raw edge of ribbon against wreath. Dab hot glue on straight pins and insert into wreath to hold ribbon in place.


Cut branches from gold ball holiday stems and adhere to center ribbon on front side of wreath as desired. Slip some stems under ribbon and adhere in place.


Create bow by making four loops with one piece of ribbon. Secure bow with wire, twisting the ends together. Trim ribbon ends, leaving 2” tail.


Using scissors point, poke hole through ribbon and into top center of wreath.


Fill hole with hot glue and push wire ends of bow inside hole; let dry. Use ribbon tail to cover wire; adhere in place. Add more stems below bow as desired.


Cut several gold ball stems and poke into wreath in clusters. Dab stem wires with hot glue before poking through fabric and into wreath.


Finish wreath by securing loop made in Step 8 (on back of wreath) to top center of wreath. Insert headpin through pearl, dab pin with glue, and push into wreath at left edge of ribbon. Repeat on right edge of ribbon. (Note: Attaching ribbon to center will allow wreath to hang properly.)


  • Never airbrushed before? Testors Aztek Airbrush System is simple to use and maintain. Plus, it makes fast, easy, and accurate work of turning your projects into beautiful masterpieces.

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