Give Thanks Place Setting

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Need a quick and simple way to add flair to your holiday meal decorations? Set your table with this beautiful “Give Thanks” place setting for each of your Thanksgiving Day guests.


  • Tan fabric, 15” square
  • Off-white fabric, 3/8 yard
  • Cotton batting, 12”x16” rectangle
  • Orange polka dot ribbon, 1 yard
  • Black craft thread


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Expresso
  • Crayons
  • Plaid Foam Alphabet Stamps: Simply (#54131)
  • Large-eye sewing needle
  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • API Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, wax paper, iron and pressing surface, plastic knife, sponge scrap, newspaper (to cover work surface)



Adults, help kids when using iron.

Place Setting

1. For placemat, measure and cut two 12”x16” off white fabric rectangles. Layer rectangle, batting, and other rectangle. Use needle and thread to sew running stitch around edges of placemat. For napkin, fold 1/4″ edge over (on wrong side) on tan square. Sew running stitch around edges.

2. On covered work surface, use sponge scrap to dab brown paint on alphabet stamps. Stamp “give thanks” on corner of napkin and on side of placemat. Let dry.

3. Print and cut out patterns. Cut leaves from off-white fabric.

4. Position leaves on wax paper. Use knife to shave crayons over leaves. Put wax paper on top of leaves. Iron on wax paper. (Note: Crayon will melt and spread over fabric.)

5. Use hole punch to punch hole in stem of leaves.

6. Use needle and thread to attach leaves on napkin and placemat. Fold napkin in half; tie ribbon around napkin. To wash, remove leaves from napkin and placemat.

by Mary Ayres

One thought on “Give Thanks Place Setting

  1. Love this idea. I do wish it would of come out about a week ago cause it does not look so quick and easy. I do appreciate it and am going to try to get it done.

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