Winter Wonderland Necklace

With the chill of winter descending across the northern hemisphere, what could be more appropriate than wearing some shimmery snowflake jewelry!

This sparkly piece combines so many of the things I love to make jewelry with: crystals, filigrees, and leather. Including leather in your jewelry designs is a great way to increase your jewelry making repertoire – it gives your jewelry a really individual look and it’s such a hot trend right now. Using a die-cutting machine makes easy work of cutting out the circles of leather but if you don’t have access to one, use a hole punch and piece of cardstock to make a template and then trace and cut out your circles.

The Winter Wonderland necklace uses a silver Metallic Leather Trim piece but a silver leather Bracelet Blank will also work. Or why not substitute Silver Creek Leather’s Gold or Gunmetal bracelet blanks for a different look? Combined with all that Swarovski sparkle, you will shimmer all through the winter.

Silver Creek Leather bracelet blanks and Metallic Leather Trim pieces are available at Hobby Lobby.


  • Silver Creek Leather Metallic Leather Trim piece in Silver; or Silver Bracelet Blank
  • Silver filigree circles, 33mm, two
  • Bohemian gold filigree circle, 33mm
  • Silver snowflake charms, 16mm, two
  • Gold snowflake charms, 16mm, nine
  • Faceted AB crystal teardrop, 9x6mm
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Flatbacks: 4mm, 18; 5mm, three
  • Silver eyelets, 5mm, four
  • Gold curb chain, 8x4mm, 7″ length
  • Gold jump rings: 6mm, 34; 8mm; 4mm
  • Gold findings: ball headpin, lobster clasp


  • Die-cutting machine and 1″ circle die or hole punch and scrap of cardstock
  • Pliers: round-nose, flat-nose, chain-nose
  • Flush cutters
  • Button shank remover
  • ScraPerfect Embellie Gellie Tool
  • Eyelet setting kit with 1/8” hole punch and hammer
  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives 527 Glue, Swarovski Elements Create Your Style Crystal Glue Pen 

Basic Supplies

  • toothpick, permanent marker, scissors, ruler

Step 1

Place leather bracelet blank over circle die and cut out five circles. If using hole punch, punch circle in cardstock and use as template to trace and cut out five circles.

Step 2

Working on one filigree at a time, use toothpick to apply thin layer of Beacon 527 adhesive to within 3/16” of edge. Place leather circle on center of filigree and press down firmly.  Repeat with two remaining filigrees.

Step 3

Cut loop off two silver snowflakes and one gold snowflake with button shank remover.  Use Beacon 527 adhesive to attach two silver snowflakes to leather of silver filigree and gold snowflake to center of leather on gold filigree.

Step 4

Working on one snowflake piece at a time, pick up 6mm flatback crystal with Embellie Gellie tool; apply small dot of Crystal Glue to back.

Place between snowflake and edge of leather. Place six crystals evenly around each of three snowflakes.

Step 5

Place gold filigree and silver filigree back to back, align holes, and join together with jump ring. Connect with second jump ring approximately 3/8″ away from first jump ring. Place second silver filigree against gold one, back to back. Measure approximately 1/2″ around filigrees from last jump ring; connect together with jump rings.

It should form “V”-shape like this.

Step 6

Attach three jump rings together and hook one end onto loop of snowflake and other end to silver filigree, referring to photo for placement. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 7

Place mark on back of two remaining leather circles approximately 1/4″ from edge. Find opposite side of each circle and place another mark. Position hole punch over center of mark; punch it with hammer. Repeat on all holes.

Place eyelet in hole from front of leather and place it face down on mat. Place setting tool into tube of eyelet; tap it lightly a few times with hammer to set.

Step 8

Open jump ring and hook through eyelet.

Link two more jump rings together; attach them through jump ring in leather circle. Attach other end onto snowflake charm on end of necklace. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 9

Connect three snowflakes together with three jump rings between each one to form chain. Attach chain of three jump rings to last snowflake. Hook end jump ring into second eyelet hole of leather circle. Repeat on other side of necklace.

Step 10

Separate chain into two equal lengths. Open end link of each chain and attach to loop of snowflake at each end of necklace. Attach lobster clasp to other end of one chain and 8mm jump ring to other chain.

Step 11

String teardrop on headpin and create wrapped loop. Open 4mm jump ring, attach to bottom of gold filigree and to loop of teardrop before closing.

by Myléne Hillam for Silver Creek Leather (

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