Candy Corn Garland

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Paint this Candy Corn Garland to brighten a porch, decorate a classroom, or create a fun and festive atmosphere for your Halloween party. This quick-and-easy clay pot activity is a fun way for kids to help with the Halloween decorations!



  • Terra cotta pots, 2″, four
  • Plaid Enterprises Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints: Harvest Orange, Yellow, White, Black
  • Toner Plastics Marshmallow Fun Wire, 18-gauge, 40” length


  • Black permanent fine-line marker
  • Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip All Purpose Adhesive

Basic Supplies

ruler, paintbrush, stencil brush, paper towel, paper plate (for palette), newspaper (to cover work surface)



Using photo as guide, paint rim of pots Harvest Orange, paint a 7/8” section above rim Yellow, and remaining area White. Let dry. See Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4. Use marker to draw a face on one side of each yellow section; outline edges as shown. For nose, dip handle end of paintbrush into Harvest Orange and touch to face; drybrush cheeks. (Note: To drybrush, dip stencil brush into paint, stroke on paper towel until almost dry, and brush surface in a circular motion.)

Figures 1-4


To assemble the garland, bend and curl wire randomly. Position pots along wire, spacing each approximately 8” apart. Insert 1-1/2” length of wire into top of pots; curl up wire on inside and adhere in place. Form a 1” long loop at each end of wire and twist to secure.

by Paula Bales

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