Stamped Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

With a few supplies including wood pieces from Midwest Products (, such as these 1/2”x1/4” strips and some alphabet stamps, you can easily create these sweet little holiday crafts that are perfect for displaying your favorite sentiment.

I purchased a Balsa Economy Bag from my local Michael’s Crafts and a handsaw to cut and arrange pieces as shown.

Use a firm cutting surface (such as a wood plaque) and gentle pressure to cut small, thin strips of wood for the tree. Use tacky glue to adhere the pieces in place and allow them to dry for an hour or so. Paint the trees in the color of your choice, I chose DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Olive Green for the “branches,” Burnt Umber for the “trunk,” and Snow White for the wood circle.

When the paint is dry, use tiny alphabet stamps and a favorite holiday sentiment of choice to stamp solvent ink on the branches.

Slightly age your branches and wood circle with chalk ink in a coordinating green color tone.

Decorate your Christmas ornaments by gluing tiny rhinestones to the trunk, in between spaces that you have left for the branches.

I also used vintage encyclopedia pages and a sequined embellishment to decorate my circle. Use a toothpick and tacky glue to adhere stones to the edges of the paper.

Don’t forget to paint the back of your trees for a professional finish to your Christmas ornaments.

Wrap silver tinsel around the top and bottom of your trees and trim on the back using scissors so it doesn’t hide the sentiment.

 Add a twine hanger with tacky glue and your inspirational tree ornaments are complete!

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