Ho, Ho, Homemade Santa

Creating handmade holiday home décor doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

It’s Jill Cornell here today with a quick and easy idea to make a whimsical Santa to add to your holiday décor. All you need to get started is a foam cone shape, pipe cleaner, hot glue gun, cotton balls, cardstock, paint, pom-pom trim, and your favorite patterned paper collection and embellishments. (I’m using the Welcome Christmas Collection by Pebbles Inc. for my Santa.)

Cut the cardstock to a half-circle and wrap around the cone. Hot glue is a great adhesive for this type of project. Do the same with a piece of patterned paper for Santa’s hat. Santa’s face was easily added by painting a flesh-colored spot on the cone, adding punched black circles for eyes, a brad for the nose, and a border sticker for the mouth. Santa’s beard of cotton balls was simply hot glued to the cone. Add some alphabet stickers to make your Santa extra “merry. “

Adhere a border sticker for the hat and pom-pom trim. A pre-made felt embellishment and flag help dress up Santa. Finally, add some cotton balls to the top of Santa’s hat.

My Santa is currently sitting on my fireplace mantel among a collection of Santas – all handmade by me over the years. I even have papier-mâché and wooden versions that I made in elementary school. And this would make a great project for older children supervised with the hot glue.

Jill Cornell from Blessed Scrapper (www.jillcornell.blogspot.com)

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