Quick & Easy Holiday Gifts… It’s Never Too Late!

We all need them, don’t we??? Well, I know you think those “holiday gift-giving times” are over now that Christmas is past… however, you may find that you have a few “forgotten friends” that you had meant to give a gift to and you don’t want to wait ’til next year!!! I thought I would share with one of my “go to, quick & easy” gift ideas:

A Double Chocolate Mint Cocoa Gift Kit

Not only is it festive, but it’s “Winter-themed” vs “Christmas-themed”!!!  As you can see, the ingredients are simple and relatively inexpensive. Two packages of cocoa, a baggie filled with chocolate chips, and four starlight mints… if there are still candy canes available, they make a great addition in place of the mints… but you can get the mints year ’round… so no worries if your local shops are out of candy canes already!

So to begin, you slip all of your kit ingredients into your clear bag. See how cute my mints look all lined up?? ***TIP: Use a bit of adhesive or a glue dot and STICK THEM TO THE COCOA PACKET!!!! :) Keeps ‘em looking all cute and in a line!!!

Once you have placed all your kit ingredients into your bag, seal it up and make a paper topper. To do that, simply cut a piece of cute paper 3″x the width plus 1/4″ of your clear bag. My bag was 6-1/4″ wide, so I cut my paper 3″x6-1/2″. Fold it in half and staple it over the top of the clear bag. Next, the fun part – EMBELLISHING!!!

As you can see, I have used two different types of ribbon here. I first wrapped a length of Ivory Grosgrain around the bottom edge of the paper topper and glued it in place. I then layered on a cute red-printed ribbon from October’s Monthly Ribbon Club Pack and then glued it in place. And then I tied my bow using the Ivory Grosgain again with the help of the handy dandy Bow Easy Tool.

 And you know me and my fetish for embellishments… it was cute with the dual ribbons and the bow but oh why not throw a totally cute Snowman Button from Buttons Galore & More onto the center of the bow for that perfect finishing touch? :) I hope you like this little guy, cause you may be seeing a few more projects with him or his friends over the next few weeks! I mean, Christmas may be past, but we have a WHOLE LOT OF WINTER left for crafting!!!

Happy Holidays to all, and a very Happy New Year, too!

by Keri Lee Sereika (www.pinklemonade.typepad.com)

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