Polar Bear Slippers

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Perfect for those chilly nights, these soft and furry polar bear slippers are a fun way to keep your feet cozy and warm this winter.


  • White (adult size) slippers
  • White polar fleece, 1/4 yard
  • Blue/white check ribbon, 1-3/8”, one yard
  • Two-hole buttons: black, 1-1/8”, two, 3/8”, four; white, 7/8”, four; blue, 5/8”, four
  • Silver jingle bells, 3/4”, two


  • Sewing needle & white thread
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Safety pins, two
  • Circle cutters or circle templates (optional)

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


(Note: All sewing is done by hand. For child-size slippers, reduce circle sizes.)

1. For each muzzle, cut 6” polar fleece circle. Sew basting stitch around circle, close to edge; pull stitches to gather. Stuff circle; pull thread ends tightly to form ball around stuffing and knot to secure. Sew large black button to smooth side of muzzle. Make two muzzles; with gathered sides down, sew to front of slippers, near toe.

2. For each ear, cut 3” polar fleece circle; cut in half. Place halves together with right sides together and sew running stitch close to rounded edges to join them, leaving straight edges open. Turn right side out, stuff, and whipstitch straight edge closed. Make four ears; sew to slippers above muzzles at sides.

3. For eyes, sew white, blue, and small black buttons on top of each other above muzzles.

4. Cut ribbon in half and tie bows. Sew jingle bell to center of each. Use safety pins to attach bows to slippers under muzzles. (Note: Remove bows before washing.)

by Mary Ayres

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