Lace Patchwork Sweater

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Short bursts of colorful spray paint over a real-lace “stencil” – that’s the secret to transforming an ordinary sweater into a lace-print work of art!


  • White or ivory fine-gauge sweater
  • Flat lace, wide width, one yard
  • Tulip Fabric Spray Paint, three coordinating colors


  • Cardboard or shirt board

Basic Supplies

scissors, masking tape, newspaper (to cover work surface)



Wash and dry sweater without fabric softener. Place on work surface; insert cardboard or shirt board.


Cut lace into different-size pieces. Arrange lace on sweater front as desired. Protect areas not to be painted with masking tape.


Lightly spray one area of sweater with first paint color. Repeat with second paint color, then the third paint color. Repeat until all areas of sweater have been covered. (Note: Allow colors to overlap and blend.)


Remove lace; lay sweater flat to dry. Arrange lace and spray back of sweater in same way as front.

Other Options

  • Make a “lace patchwork” tote bag in same way.
  • Try technique with non-fabric spray paint on note cards or paper.

by Kirsten Peters McGrath for Duncan Enterprises (

2 thoughts on “Lace Patchwork Sweater

  1. There must be some interesting things you can do with the painted lace. What about using spray adhesive and covering a small box or plastic trash can?

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