Raised Leaf Panel Wall Décor

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An object of art made from an old window frame and STYROFOAM? Amaze yourself at how easy this technique is – design a variety perfect for each season!


  • Six-pane wooden window frame, 29-1/2”x30-1/2″
  • Dow STRYOFOAM Brand Foam Sheets, 1” thick, 12”x36”, four
  • Krylon: Make It Stone! Decorative Paint, Travertine Tan; Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint, Khaki; Primer


  • Floracraft Styro Cutter
  • Wood putty and putty knife
  • Adhesives: 3M Spray Adhesive for Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam, duct tape

Basic Supplies

sandpaper, soft cloth, ruler, pencil


(Note: When using spray paints, work in well-ventilated area.)

1. Remove glass window panes; sand frame. Wipe clean with soft cloth. Fill uneven areas of frame with wood putty. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply primer.

2. Measure window openings; cut six foam rectangles to fit openings. Print and cut out patterns. Transfer patterns to remaining foam sheets; use foam cutter to cut out.

3. Spray frame with three coats of Khaki; let dry. Adhere leaves to foam rectangles. Spray leaf panels with two coats of Travertine Tan; let dry.

4. Tape backside of leaf panels to window pane openings.

by Tucker Yeaworth for The Dow Chemical Co. and Krylon

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