Valentine Keepsake Card

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A tea bag-folded card is a unique and lovely way to tell your special Valentine, “I love you.” Plus, you’ll love how easy it is to get beautiful results with this technique!



  • White card with envelope, 6-1⁄2”x5”
  • Paper: green stripe, pink stripe, vellum dot, rose dot, white


  • Computer and printer, or black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Paper adhesive

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scissors, ruler



Cut card to measure 6”x4”. Place card on flat work surface with fold at top. Cut a 3-7⁄8”x5-7⁄8” rectangle from green stripe paper; center and adhere to card front. Cut a 3-5⁄8”x5-5⁄8” rectangle from vellum dot paper; center and adhere to green stripe paper.


Cut the following: eight 1” squares from rose dot; eight 1” squares from pink stripe; four 1” squares from green stripe. Fold squares into kites as shown in Fig. 1.


For eight-point star, cut 1” circle from rose dot (flower base). Place rose dot kites into a circle with long points together (Fig. 2); adhere on back side to flower base. Fold each pink stripe kite into a half kite (Fig. 3); adhere half kites in a circle on top of star to form a flower (Fig. 4). Mat flower on white paper.


Mat green stripe kites (leaves) on white paper. Use a computer or handwrite “Love causes all things to grow.” on a white rectangle; mat on rose dot, then on white. Adhere flower, leaves, and message to card front as shown.


  • Adhere a gem to the center of flower for added sparkle.

by Amy Gustafson

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