Valentine Candle Jar

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Burn this candle to show your loving thoughts are aglow for that special someone who warms your soul!


  • Glass items: recycled quart jar, votive candle holder with lid
  • DecoArt Liquid Rainbow Glass Paints: Burgundy Blast, Fuchsia, Tickled Pink
  • DecoArt Liquid Rainbow Black Liquid Leading
  • Burgundy ribbon, 1⁄8”, one yard
  • Buttons, one each: hot pink, 3⁄4” ; pink, 1⁄2” ; light pink, 1⁄2”
  • Red votive candle


  • DecoArt Liquid Rainbow Styrene Painting Blank

Basic Supplies

scissors, masking tape, straight pin



Print and cut out pattern. Tape pattern to underside of leading blank; trace lines with leading. Repeat for two “sets” of hearts. Let dry 1-2 hours.


Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fill in: one heart Tickled Pink; two hearts Fuchsia; two hearts Burgundy Blast. (Note: Use pin to pop large air bubbles.) Fill in candle holder lid with Burgundy Blast; let dry 24 hours.


Carefully peel hearts from blank; apply to jar. Cut three 12” lengths from ribbon; tie around jar and trim ends at angle. Adhere buttons over knot; let dry. Insert candle holder into jar and candle into holder.

Other Options

  • Place hearts on window, mirror, vase, or any glass surface.
  • Make other holiday decorations in same way. Use coloring book pictures as patterns.

by Sandy Parpart

2 thoughts on “Valentine Candle Jar

  1. I volunteer at the local soup kitchen. I’m going to use one on each table to make the room a little more friendly.

    I’ll let you know how they work out


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