Wine Bottle Lamp

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Save a wine bottle shared on a special occasion to create a beautiful and memorable light display. For a different effect, use soft twinkle lights to enhance the lighting.


  • Empty wine bottle with cork
  • Clear mini light strand, 20-count
  • Artificial grape bunch
  • Burgundy satin ribbon, 5/8”, 36” length
  • Gold wire, 18-gauge, 36” length


  • Electrical tape

Basic Supplies




Insert lights into clean, dry bottle. Run plug end of cord down bottle neck; tape on back. (Note: Make sure length of cord will reach electrical outlet.)


Wrap 18-gauge wire around bottle lip four times. Wrap tape over wire to secure to bottle.


Wrap ribbon over taped area. Catch grape stem in ribbon to secure to bottle; knot and trim ends.


Wrap remaining wire end around cork four times. Spiral wire off to one side of bottle and bend to create popping cork effect.


Plug in lights. (Note: Do not leave wine bottle light unattended.)


To create as a centerpiece, use a battery-operated LED light strand (with small battery box) instead of plug-in lights. Conceal battery box underneath grapes.

by Lisa Bychowski

4 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Lamp

  1. I’ve also seen this done with a hole drilled in the lower back of the bottle, so the cord doesn’t have to run down the outside. Insert a rubber grommet (from craft or hardware store) in the hole so there are no sharp edges. The one I saw had a decorative ceramic wine stopper in the neck of the bottle, though the wired cork on this one is adorable. Amber-colored wine bottles work great, too!

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