Dyed Hemp Wrapped Bottles

Recycled crafting remains one of my favorite types of crafts to participate in. Ever since I was bitten by the bug a few years ago, I look at everything I might be throwing away with possibility. Glass items are one of my favorite things to salvage since there are so many ways they can be upcycled into something unique.

When I recently received an assortment of hemp products from Hemptique, I fell in love with the rustic nature of the assorted hemps and twine in different sizes and types. I love the look of hemp wrapped bottles turned into vases, so I pulled out my Rit Liquid Dyes and chose some of my favorite colors to dye the hemp with.

I prepared a dye bath using the low water immersion technique and dyed the hemp using Purple, Tangerine, Aquamarine, and Fuchsia.

Once the excess water was removed from the hemp using an old absorbent towel, I allowed the hemp to dry thoroughly and set about wrapping around some recycled bottles that had been thoroughly washed and dried.

To make your own dyed hemp wrapped bottles, tuck the frayed end under the first two or three wraps so that it will eventually be hidden.

Continue wrapping, using a little tacky glue here and there.

I chose to wrap three quarters of this bottle with Purple-colored hemp and the remaining third Tangerine. Also note how different sizes of hemp were used to add interest to the surface.

Additionally, consider dyeing some strips of cotton muslin to make some beautiful coordinating embellishments for your bottle.

Tear 2” strips of muslin and knife pleat the center using a sewing machine and contrasting thread. This strips can be used to wrap into a coil to create a beautiful floral embellishment.

As an added touch, I used metal numbers to add a personalized flair to the recycled dyed hemp bottles. The numbers can be anything of significance, birthdays, street address numbers, lucky numbers, etc.

The next time you get ready to toss that bottle, consider grabbing your Rit dyes and some hemp and create your own magnificent dyed hemp vases.

Live Life Creatively,

Melony Bradley (www.mel-designs.typepad.com)

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