Beaded Woven Ribbon Pillow

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Invite spring into your home! Weave soft pink and chartreuse ribbons into an accent pillow to add a splash of color to your dècor, then highlight with a few beads for a bit of sparkle.


  • White cotton fabric (pillow back), 14” square
  • Offray Grosgrain Ribbon, 7/8”, 18 ft. spool: Chartreuse, Light Pink
  • Opal-lined E beads, 39


  • Pellon Fusible interfacing, 15” square
  • Fairfield Poly-fil polyester fiberfill
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing needle and matching thread
  • Iron and pressing board

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, straight pins



13-1/2″ square


1. Cut fourteen 14” lengths from each ribbon color.

2. Place interfacing, fusible side up, on pressing board. (Note: Cut interfacing larger to allow for ribbons shifting.)

3. Place Light Pink ribbons horizontally across interfacing. Pin ribbon ends to interfacing.

4. Weave Chartreuse ribbons vertically through Light Pink ribbons, keeping rows straight. Pin ends to interfacing to secure.

5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse ribbons onto interfacing. Remove pins; trim to 14” square.

6. Hand stitch beads across center of pillow front.

7. With right sides together, machine sew pillow front to back with 1/4” seam allowance, leaving 5” opening at bottom for turning. Trim corners; turn right side out and stuff. Hand stitch opening closed.

by Lisa Bychowski

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