Boutique Knock Off Yo-Yo Display and Prize Winner!!

When I stumbled across a similar version of this adorable way of displaying handmade yo-yos, I was immediately inspired. It was a recent new product offered by a pricey upscale boutique, and the price was way out of my league. Fast forward two or three months later. I had just received my Summer issue of Crafts n Things magazine and ran across an ad for this innovative display frame, I immediately remembered the pricey yo-yo shadow box display frame. I set about making my own version of this pricey Boutique Knock Off Yo-Yo Display.

These boxes from Amos Advantage are perfect for displaying memorabilia such as ticket stubs, vintage photographs, collected seashells, and any other treasured items you would like to proudly mount and display. The special feature of these frames are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes which surround your exhibition items softly. In doing so, it gives the impression of your collection levitating inside the frame. In addition, you get both the front and back view of your collection. The frames are completely open with one side hinged. You place the object on the silicone membrane and close the frame. It is securely closed by a magnetic flap. The frames come in three sizes: 9-1/16″x7-3/32″x63/64″, a slender 12-7/32″x2-3/8″x63/64″, and a small 2-3/4″x2-3/4″x63/64″.

Creating my little yo-yo display frame was super easy. First I gathered some coordinating fabric fat quarters and buttons and set about sewing my yo-yos.  If you have never created yo-yos, there couldn’t be anything easier. Simply trace a circle to use as a template. The rule is to trace a circle that is twice the size of your finished yo-yo.

Thread a sewing needle and sew a long running stitch 1/4” from the edge of the circle. Pull threads together and form yo-yo with fingers. Pull the thread to the back of the center of the yo-yo and knot off. If desired, sew a button to the center of the yo-yo.

I used a dry adhesive such as foam squares to attach my yo-yos to the frame.

Here are a few more ideas for using these frames in your craft projects:

1. Create a Unique Wedding Gift- Save the invitation and mount it along with a painted monogram and some dried flowers or favors from the wedding reception. This will delight any bride to be.

2. Display your Garden- Gather flowers from your Spring Garden and press flowers using a handmade flower press. Display them in the frame in a pleasing manner to enjoy your flowers all year long.

3. Showcase Vintage Documents- Timeworn and treasured vintage documents such as marriage certificates, old photographs, well-worn award certificates, etc. are increasingly being proudly displayed as part of home décor. Show off your family history by mounting these treasured keepsakes in one of these frames.

“Nimbus Frames” can be ordered from Amos Advantage by clicking here.


Several weeks ago, we announced that we were giving away a prize package containing Rit Dyes, a basswood box from Walnut Hollow, and more goodies that can be used to create this gorgeous Spring box filled with hand dyed and stamped ribbons.

The winner of the prize package sponsored by Rit Dye as selected by is Becky Garrison of Becky Garrison Paper Crafts! Thanks for your comments and I hope you check back here often for more exciting giveaways.

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