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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression wishy washy, right? It means you’re a little undecided, not quite committed, just not sure. That’s why the name of the company I’m introducing you to today is certain to make you smile. Wishy Washi Tape offers so many chic, trendy and affordable tapes that you don’t have to commit to just one. Isn’t that great?!

The tape collection shown above is called Around the Neighborhood. I think it’s one of my favorites, though it is truly impossible to pick just one. A 32-foot roll of tape is $2.75. Visit www.wishywashi.com to see more. Here are a few more favorites that I thought were really unique:

This collection is called Spot and would be perfect on anything that needs a little dose of happy.

Wood Grain is the name of this collection; each “finish” is available in wide or narrow versions. Wouldn’t this be perfect for “guy” cards and gifts?

This collection, designed by artist Yoko Inoue, is called Graffiti. Each roll contains almost 50 feet of tape and is priced at just $3.50; the six-roll combo pack is $19.50. You could place one strip of this across a blank card, stamp or handwrite “hello” and pop it in the mail in about five minutes. I love that!

Stacey Janning, owner of Wishy Washi Tape, shares some great information on the company’s Web site about the history of washi tape, including its environmentally-friendly properties. Be sure to check out the “What Is Washi Tape?” section of the site here: http://www.wishywashi.com/what-is-washi-tape

The staff at Wishy Washi Tape also maintains an ultra-cool Pinterest board filled with inspiring project ideas. http://pinterest.com/wishywashitape/washi-tape-projects/

I’m going to leave you with a list of easy ways to incorporate washi tape into your crafting, plus a fun contest.

10 Super-Easy Ways to Washi:

  • Food flags (cut tape and wrap around top of a toothpick)
  • Gift tags (apply one or more strips across bottom of a manila shipping tag)
  • Mini bud vases (wrap tape around any recycled glass bottle; tie with baker’s twine bow)
  • Pretty packages (dress up white or kraft gift boxes with tape strips)
  • Die cuts (apply tape strips to cardstock; die cut heart, flower, star, etc.)
  • Office supplies (dress up binder clips, file folders, even pens and pencils)
  • Jumbo monogram (buy huge papier-maché letter at craft store; cover with tape)
  • Journal cover (add tape strips; stamp “Journal” or name with permanent ink)
  • Party favors (put treats in glassine bag, add one strip of tape and a cute sticker)
  • Stylish storage (wrap tape around recycled cans; fill with pens, make-up brushes, etc.)

Wishy Washi Tape is giving away a Small Polar Bear Animal Tape Dispenser (the large polar bear is shown above), plus a few rolls of tape, to one lucky winner on our blog. All you have to do for a chance to win is to leave a comment on this blog post by April 25th with your favorite way to washi. We’ll announce the winner on April 26th.

For tape dispenser ordering information (in case you just can’t wait), here’s a link: http://www.wishywashi.com/product/animal-tape-dispensers

Happy Taping!

Dawn Gehring, Crafts ‘n things Editorial Staff

52 thoughts on “Wishy Washi Tape

  1. OMG!! I love that cute tape dispenser!!!! thanks for directing me to come to your blog! I have been here before and looked around but this time I REALLY LOOKED! I love washi tape it has become my newest, favorite thing!

  2. You can call me Wishy-Washi all you want if I win these tapes and that adorable dispenser! Heck, you could even call me late for dinner if I win! I have just gotten started with washi tape and am loving it! This would help me be able to use it even more! TFS!

  3. I mostly use washi as an accent on my cards. I recently (on Pinterest) saw someone who’d decked out her keyboard with washi and it was adorable – am thinking of trying it out.

  4. I love to use washi tape to customize my kids’ notebooks for school. It makes the kids feel special and they loose their notebooks less often because they are cooler and more fun.

  5. I love giving gifts to my friends and family so I’m always looking for cute new washi designs to make my cards and packages stand out. :)

  6. My daughters and I are big crafters! We love playing around and seeing what we can make! I would love to win some Wishy-Washi! I’ve never tried it before and the options are endless on things we could make!!!

  7. I love to use Washi on my 12×12 layouts. I am starting to think out of box and used Washi to make stripes on my laptop computer lid!!

  8. I have over a hundred rolls if Washi Tape. It is in every one of my designs! I am obsessed with the variety of patterns and designs. Not a bad addiction to have! :-)

  9. My 2 year old loves sticking washi on paper and then painting over it with glue. I use it on mason jar lids to label/organize Legos!

  10. I’m new to the washi tape world but have become seriously addicted. I mostly use it in my scrap booking but have recently used it on two bird houses that I can’t wait to hang iny garden come spring – if it ever arrives here in Canada

  11. Great post, I love washi tape so much! Actually used a couple colours with a lace pattern to decorate our wedding favours. Perfect!

  12. would love SPOT. the new cutesy PINK{s} are lovely also <3 …I'm glad to see the midwest base for the company. .. .greetings from northern michigan !

  13. I Just Love washi…as it is the easiast way to wrap,decorate and add that extra something to every thing.I mostly use it to wrap stuff or in paper crafting and tags.


  14. I love the dispenser! My favorite way to use washi tape is on wooden spoons, forks and to cover the straws. They’ll be great for outdoor picnicking!

  15. I LOVE washi tape and will check out Wishy Washi tape for sure! I love using the tape on my card creations. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I’m using washi tape on packaging and love it so much! I also use it to wrap around candles and mini bottles. It wpuld be be great to win some wishy washi tape! :)

  17. Ooh, yes please! I love washi tape and could really do with that polar bear<3

    I tend to use it mostly on gift wrapping, but I'm planning to do some home decor soon. Like making my bookshelves a lot lot cuter:)

  18. My favorite was to use washi tape is around the house. I’s used it as accents on the edges of bookshelves, around door frames, one windows, etc. It makes everything so much more fun!

  19. Big fan of using washi tape to brighten up my office space, makes my work day so much more fun! I even used it in all our meeting rooms, love the playful and creative atmosphere it brings to these rooms

  20. I LOVE Washi Tape! I recently had an event, and this tape was the perfect touch for the invitations – they really popped! I can’t wait to get started on my next project: designing new covers for some mini journals. Yay!

  21. I’ still planing what to do with all the tapes that I received from Wishy washi in the mail ;-) sooo many ideas!

  22. My favorite way to use Washi is EVERY way! I am having SO much fun finding new ways to use it! I use it mostly in my SMASH books, but the ideas of new ways to use it is endless!!! Washi has become a new addiction for me! :)

  23. I would use this special free treat to further decorate my photo albums! I was only able to look at a friends washi tape in the past!

  24. I use washi as accents on my cards and layouts, to adhere pictures or to close envelopes. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I am using washi tape to help decorate my half bathroom including lining the bathroom mirror and to some of the canvas wall art.

  26. My favorite way to Washi is both covering journals and books or decorating blank thank you cards with them! That way all of my stuff is unique and beautiful!

  27. Wishy — that’s me Wishing for more Washi. I use it in scrap booking, cards, and decorating bud vases Love it!

  28. I LOVE washi tape. My favorite way to washi is scrapbooking. I love the versatility and how just a little pop of washi can add so much to a page. I’m also going to be using washi to decorate on jars at my sons birthday party!

  29. I’m a snail mail enthusiast and I never send a piece of mail until I have decorated the envelope with washi tape. I am super addicted. I love the tape. It’s my go-to for starting my creative juices flowing.

  30. I have never used washi tape before, but look froward to incorporating it into all of my crafts: scrapbooking, greeting card making, wrapping presents, organizing (labeling!), journaling, and my calendar!

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