T-Shirt Pillow

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Rescue a favorite old t-shirt from the garage sale stack, then cleverly restyle it into a custom lounge pillow for your kid’s room.



  • T-shirt
  • Pillow insert, 14”x18”


  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread
  • Air-soluble fabric marker
  • Hook-and-loop tape (optional)
  • Beacon Adhesives Liquid Thread (optional)

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler or yardstick, straight pins



Place shirt flat on table, right side up. Use scissors to split side seams and to remove sleeves along seams. Cut across top of shirt just below neck, separating it into front and back sections.


Decide which way you want your artwork oriented, horizontally or vertically. Use fabric marker to draw a 19-1⁄4”x14-1⁄4” rectangle on front of shirt, encompassing artwork; cut for pillowcase front.


Draw 20”x15” rectangle on back section of shirt; cut for pillowcase back. Cut rectangle in half, creating two 15”x10” pieces.


Place pillowcase front on table, right side up. Place two pillowcase back sections on top of front section, right side down, lining up outside edges and overlapping edges at center. Pin fabric to secure.


Sew, or glue, layers together 5⁄8” from outside edge of rectangles. If necessary, let glue dry. Turn pillowcase inside out through center opening. Insert pillow. If desired, sew or glue small piece of hook-and-loop tape to opening to help keep it closed; follow package directions.


  • Sew a bunch of t-shirt designs together to make a comforter cover.
  • Use size L or XL t-shirts with center artwork for best results.

by Aimee Dolby

One thought on “T-Shirt Pillow

  1. Great Idea! I haven’t made this yet, when I do, I plan to somehow finish/bind/serge the overlapping edges on the back to have a finished look. I think leaving a raw cut edge on the t-shirt fabric might lead to stretching. On the other hand, maybe you want the stretch when slipping in the pillow form????

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