Recycled Plastic Bag Tote

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Celebrate Earth Day! Instead of throwing out those old plastic grocery bags cluttering up your closet, “go green” and recycle them into a sturdy and handy tote. Mother Earth will appreciate your efforts.


  • Recycled plastic shopping bags: blue, white, grey


  • Size Q (or 19) crochet hook

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



To make “yarn”, cut handles from plastic grocery bag. Cut 3”-wide strip from bag. Continue cutting around bag creating one long strip. Repeat process to create multiple plastic strips.


Measure 4” from end on blue strip. Make loop on hook. Chain 16. Single crochet in second chain from hook. Make a single crochet in each of remaining chains (15 single crochets total). At end of plastic strip, overlap 6” at end of first strip with beginning 6” of second strip; crochet two together. At end of row, knot end of first plastic strip with beginning of second strip before chaining one to start next row.


Chain one. Turn crocheted piece. Single crochet in each single crochet already worked.


To change color, cut blue strip 4” from last single crochet. Tie white and blue strips into knot at end of last single crochet.


Repeat process to single crochet two rows with white strips.


Continue chaining one and working single crochets, alternating two rows of blue and two rows of white strips for 34 rows.


To end, cut blue strip 4” from last single crochet. Pull strip through loop on hook.


Fold crocheted rectangle in half so loose ends are at sides. Tuck loose ends inside. Using grey strips, single crochet sides of rectangle together forming rectangle shape.


For handle, attach grey strip to top of rectangle on one side. Chain 30. Attach chain to opposite side of rectangle. Make single crochet in each chain on handle.

Go Green!

  • Many grocery stores and retail shops provide the opportunity to recycle your plastic bags! Make the effort to bring a bunch back each time you go to the store. This helps keep bags out of landfills and cuts down on the energy used to make new bags!

by Mary Ayres

3 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Bag Tote

  1. Thanks for all of your great tutorials. just a note, there is an easier way to make one long strip of plarn.
    there are several tutorials online. just look up “making plarn” I’ve made tons of it! basically, cut the handles off, cut small amount off the bottom to open up. turn bag sideways so that the connected sides are at top and bottom. fold bottom almost all the way up to top, leaving about an inch difference. cut strips from bottom up through the first (lower edge only) open up, cut diagonally from bottom strips to top. You’ll have one long strip. Picture tuts online will show it better….

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