Garden Markers

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Stamp clay garden markers to keep track of your plants this year while adding a touch of class to your garden décor.


  • Oven-bake polymer clay, in color of choice
  • Copper wire: 10-gauge, 36” lengths, two; 18-gauge, 24” length
  • Bead of choice, 1⁄4”


  • Stamps of choice (designer used script wording, dragonfly, flowers, and grass)
  • Metallic rub-on finish, in color of choice
  • Acrylic brayer or rolling pin
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Clay-dedicated pasta machine (optional)

Basic Supplies

toothpick, craft knife, pliers



Follow manufacturer’s instructions to condition clay; roll to 1⁄4” thickness. For each sign, cut two rectangles of desired size (1-3⁄4”x2” shown in photo); shape edges as desired by pressing with fingers


Stamp one rectangle. Indent wording of choice with toothpick. Apply rub-on finish.


For stake-style marker as shown on right in photo, press 10-gauge wire length against remaining rectangle, leaving portion of wire above and below rectangle. Place stamped rectangle on top, matching edges; press together. Apply additional rub-on finish to sides.


For double hanging-style marker as shown on left in photo, slide bead onto 18-gauge wire length. Position and press wire length against two remaining rectangles, leaving portion of wire above and below rectangles and small portion with bead between them. Place stamped rectangles on top of rectangles, matching edges; press together. Apply additional rub-on finish to sides.


Bake at 265° for 25 minutes. Let cool. Use pliers to shape wire as desired.


For hanging post, use Figure 1 as guide to shape post from 10-gauge wire. Hang marker.

Figure 1

by Linda Welsh-Peterson

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