Fishing Fund Jar

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Make saving pennies fun for your favorite fisherman! Stickers with a fishing theme make decorating quick and easy. Add a few pennies and give to Dad for Father’s Day!


  • Ball: Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jar, Gold Wide Mouth Jar Band
  • Wooden items: rectangle tags, 1-1⁄2”x2-1⁄2”, two; rectangle, 1⁄2”x1”
  • Paper: stripe, coordinating parchment
  • Dimensional stickers: fishing gear, fishing sentiment
  • Artistic Wire Permanent Colored Wire: Black, 18-gauge, 27” length


  • DecoArt Oak Gel Stain
  • 3M Scotch Craft Stick Permanent Adhesive Glue Stick

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, ruler, paper towel, pencil



Apply stain to tags and jar band; wipe excess with paper towel and let dry. Cut 4”x12-1⁄4” parchment paper strip; adhere around jar. Cut 3-1⁄2”x12” striped paper strip; center and adhere to parchment strip.


Using photo as guide, attach dimensional fishing gear stickers to jar. Adhere fishing sentiment to small rectangle; adhere rectangle to jar as shown. Adhere additional fishing gear stickers to tags.


Curl wire around pencil, leaving 3” straight at both ends. Wrap wire around jar neck; twist ends together. Thread tags onto wire ends; twist to secure. Screw band onto jar.

by Cindy Groom-Harry and the CMC Staff

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