Chenille Bedspread Cat Pillow

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Turn an old chenille bedspread into a decorative pillow. Use your favorite car, dog, or teddy bear pattern and sew a vintage menagerie!


  • Chenille bedspread
  • Cat pattern of choice
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Gold or black buttons, two


  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Needle

Basic Supplies

scissors, straight pins



Position pattern on bedspread to determine placement of design.


Follow pattern instructions to cut and sew pillow, leaving opening for stuffing. Stuff pillow firmly; hand-sew opening closed.


For eyes, sew buttons to face.

by Karen Smith

3 thoughts on “Chenille Bedspread Cat Pillow

  1. Cute idea but it should have included a pattern. Anyone could see that you need chenille, thread, filling and buttons for eyes. The only thing one would need is. Pattern.

  2. I agree with Robin.
    You could also adapt this idea to use any material that is a personal favorite- an old sweater, favorite t-shirt, patchwork composed of scraps from family “heirlooms”, etc.
    I love the tail “pocket”- stash the tv remote here.

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