Dad’s Day T-shirt

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Kids will have as much fun making this special Father’s Day gift as they will enjoy the giant hug from Dad when he receives it.


  • Cotton T-shirt in appropriate size
  • Fabric paints in choice of color(s)


  • T-shirt transfer paper, 2 sheets
  • Shirtboard, cookie sheet, or newspaper

Basic Supplies

scissors, paintbrush, paper plate (for palette), iron and pressing surface, computer with printer 



Follow manufacturer’s directions to print and iron the following on one sheet of transfer paper for front of shirt: “Of course my kids don’t walk all over me. . .” Use remaining sheet of transfer paper to print and iron the following for back of shirt: “They just have me in the palms of their hands!”


To make the front of the shirt, place shirt board, cookie sheet, or newspaper inside T-shirt. Pour puddle of paint on palette. Have child sit in chair and paint bottom of foot and toes, spreading paint evenly. Repeat same for other foot. Help child place feet onto T-shirt; press across top of toes and feet for full impression. Lift child off shirt and wash feet immediately. Repeat same for each child, changing paint color for each child. Let dry completely.


To make the back of the shirt, pour puddle of paint on palette. Paint palm of hands, spreading paint evenly. Place child’s hands onto T-shirt and press firmly for full impression. Lift child’s hands off shirt and wash hands immediately. Repeat same for each child, changing paint color for each child. Allow paint to dry 24 hours.


Follow manufacturer’s directions to let paint cure before washing.


  • Turn this shirt into a keepsake by adding each child’s name next to their hand prints and the date to the bottom of the shirt.

by Alessa Giampaolo Keener

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