Summer Birdhouse & Giveaway

Hello there! Alice Golden with you today sharing a bright and colorful project that was also really inexpensive to make. I found the birdhouse and Adirondack chairs at a craft store in the unfinished wood section and spent less than $5 for all three (gotta love coupons!). A little paint and “wallpaper” turns them into a cheery birdhouse retreat that can add a bit of summer fun to your home décor.

The paper and stickers are from Me & My BIG Ideas. This little set made its way across the country to be displayed in their booth at the most recent Craft & Hobby Association show in California. Today, the folks at Mambi have generously offered to give one lucky reader a chance to win a variety of summer-themed products, including those used to create this set.

To be entered in the drawing, simply leave a comment telling me about your favorite summer spot by Monday, June 24, 2013. Winners will be announced here on June 25th.

In our backyard, we have two Adirondack chairs that sit under a willow tree that we planted when our boys were babies. The tree has grown right along with our kids and is now over 30 feet tall and provides just enough shade on a hot summer day to make the perfect spot for sitting with a cold drink and good book.

Just thinking about how much I love sitting outside on a beautiful day with a great read almost makes me want to stop what I’m doing and head out there now… but I guess I should finish this blog post first.

After painting the chairs and birdhouse with acrylic craft paint, I cut strips of paper to fit the various sections, inked the edges, and then adhered them to the painted wood using découpage glue.

For the front of the house, I created a template out of printer paper in order to figure out where to cut the circular opening and then used this to cut the patterned paper. I added a few additional die-cut pieces to decorate the opening and embellished it with dimensional stickers. I also cut a piece of paper to use as a welcome mat on the front step.

Using papers from the same paper pad meant that all the colors and styles went together, but this would also be a fun project to make using assorted paper scraps. The edge of the roof is finished with strips of paper that I trimmed with my pinking sheers (an old pair of sheers that is used for paper only - I have a newer pair for fabric). Couldn’t resist adding a tropical touch with the glittered palm tree sticker.

Even the back of the house gets jazzed up since I thought this would be a fun centerpiece for the table on our porch and wanted it to look good from all angles.

The roof sections took a bit of extra time because each strip of paper had to be cut on an angle at each end, and they all turned out to be slightly different sizes, so had to be measured and cut one at a time.

The top of the house was painted yellow, and I wrapped orange-and-white baker’s twine around the base where it met the pink section. This provided a nice transition and also helped cover up any painting imperfections. A bright, glittery sun sticker tops it off.

Originally, I was just supposed to make the birdhouse for Mambi, but when these adorable mini chairs caught my eye at the craft store (for only $1 each), I couldn’t resist.

One piece of paper was used for the back of the chairs, and then that piece was cut into strips to fit the slats.


  • Me & My BIG Ideas Sunny Summer Days PADX-231: paper pad and assorted stickers
  • Wooden birdhouse and chairs (available at craft supply store)
  • Plaid Mod Podge Découpage Medium
  • Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Spiced Marmalade Ink Pad

Here’s to spending lots of time in our favorite spots this summer!

Alice Golden from Golden Moments (

65 thoughts on “Summer Birdhouse & Giveaway

  1. my perfect spot for the summer…our country home awhile watching the sunset…i missed it ! winter is coming over here !

  2. My favorite summer spot is hiking with my kids…getting out into the fresh air with them and the dog…having a picnic in a remote spot and just having fun… thank you for the chance to win!!

  3. My favorite summer place: I have a couple of adironaks that we make good use of all summer. But every once in awhile, I like to sneak a stretch on my husband’s hammock :)

  4. my favorite summer spot is up at the lake off of butcher jones pass (pause) and yes that is the real name of the road and has nothing to do with a guy in a hockey mask and a big knife killing people…..GO jASON !!! lol

  5. My favorite summer spot is at the beach in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. They have a very nice water front with embankment that is treed… grass… picnic benches and promenade benches.. and you can swim there too!

  6. I love to go to the beach with my boys in the summer! But my most favorite thing is enjoying our home with them! I love to hang out with them and enjoy the no pressure and no hurry time of summer!

  7. Our new favorite spot is up in the wood at this quiet little camp spot that is excluded from everyone and everything else. So peaceful and away from all noisy and distracting electronics ( don’t get me wrong I love them, but sometimes you need a break ). By the way this birdhouse is to die for cute!!! Good luck everyone!!

  8. My favorite summer spot is a new one. We recently moved into our new house and we eat outside all of the time. Our backyard is out new oasis. Our newborn daughter loves the sunshine, green grass and kiddie pool. It’s paradise!

  9. My absolute favorite summer spot is at the families river house sitting on the dock with my feet in the water watching the sun go down behind the hills across the river. It’s been my favorite since I was a young child and I hope to someday share it with my someday kiddos :)

  10. These are absolutely delightful. My favorite spot is watching the sun rise over the ocean.St. Augustine and Tybee Island 2 of the very best spots to do it. Nature’s Xanax for my soul.

  11. My favorite summer spot is my unfinished sunroom watching the kids play,hearing the giggles, holding southern sweet tea!

  12. My favorite summer spot is my deck in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. I love to start my day that way.

  13. Our favorite summer spot each year is getting in our boat and heading to the lake. No one seems to be out in that spot, so we just float around and enjoy the day!

  14. this is really cute. my favorite summer spot is going to CA and going to the beach. It is so nice to see my family but also nice to relax on the beach with the kids and enjoy the beauty. I also love taking walks on the beach at night. So much fun.

  15. Our favouite spot is called Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. It is so lovely and I have been going there since I was a little girl.

    • Hi Christine! I actually used to live in New Zealand and LOVE the Coromandel Peninsula! We bought a painting from an artist on the peninsula and it hangs in our bedroom. Small world! :)

  16. My favorite spot for summer is a little slice of beach on Kua Bay on the Big Island. The white sand, black lava rock and turquoise blue of the water are in perfect balance with the sun…

  17. My favorite summer spot is the pool in my boyfriend’s backyard. I love going over on a hot sunny day and just cooling off while goofing around with my boyfriend. We would also have a couple grill days and just relax near the pool. It’s great! I’ll be over there this weekend to enjoy the pool for sure~

  18. My favorite summer spot is the beach! But since that is only a few days out of the summer. My next favorite spot is inside catching up on my craft projects and scrapbooks that do not get touched during the school year. Being a teacher, I enjoy the four weeks off in the summer!

  19. My family’s favourite summer spot is the beach, we go to different ones as my daughter rows & takes part in regattas. So that’s where you’ll find us cheering her on.

    Such a gorgeous birdhouse & papers.

  20. my fav summer spot is vacationing at the oregon coast. i still can’t believe that we have actually moved here and i get to live in my fav place!! moved 6 weeks ago. :)

  21. My favorite summer spot is sitting in my backyard with my hubby watching the kids in the pool and just enjoying some quality family time!!!

  22. My favorite summer place would have to be right in my own home. My grandkids come over every Monday ! We get to be silly and play in the pool and craft. Those days are golden to me

  23. My favourite summer spot has to be on the beach in Mauritius, simply the most peaceful and relaxing place I have ever been to…thanks for a chance at winning some yummy products ♥

  24. When I was younger my favorite spots were down along the creek bank or on the dock at the river, in the shade waiting for the fish to bite. Now, we like riding the cycle to Sho-low or Jerome (AZ) for lunch. It’s cooler than the Mesa area.

  25. My favorite summer spot is walking on the beach early in the morning before everyone else is out. The quiet and the splash of the waves just starts the day off perfectly.

  26. My favorite summer place is wherever my kids are. I just love to watch them giggle and play at the park, the swimming pool or the backyard etc. Summertime is always the best time!

  27. My favourite summer spot would have to be the park near my house. On a warm summer afternoon with a gentle breeze blowing and all the birds settling in for the end of the day, just chilling out on the grass with my partner listening to music and sharing a couple of drinks or maybe just taking a lazy stroll around the park as the sun just skims above the trees before setting. Sometimes we just go there to kick a footy around, which is a good time too. I love that smell of fresh grass and watching the light play through the leaves on the trees around us.

  28. My favorite summer spot is the beach in Ocean Shores, WA. If it gets too hot at our house we head down there and usually freeze! 55 degrees and windy in the summer! The beaches in Washington are certainly not tropical beaches, but they are a great place to cool off!

  29. My favorite Summer spot was always at my grandparents lakehouse sitting on the pier, fishing or jumping into the water for a swim. I used to swim up the lake to the marina and use change to buy pretty sparkly rubber fishing worms. I never did anything with them but I was always so proud of my purchases! They are both gone now and the lakehouse belongs to someone else now, but I often think of all the fond memories I had there summer after summer. :)

  30. My favorite summer spot is my own backyard with the kids in the pool and friends over enjoying the company and the warm weather.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  31. My favorite summer spot is my back yard. We have a pool and the kids have friend over and swim and I just sit by and enjoy them. You never know when something is going to take you away from all the.

  32. Love how you transformed the look of the birdhouse and chairs so simply. Very pleasant, bright colors that fit perfectly with summer!

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