Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

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Recycle an old doorknob set to create your own unique, yet elegant, curtain tiebacks.


  • White doorknob set, 5-1⁄2” long
  • Delta Texture Magic Dimensional Paints: Country Red, Eucalyptus, White, Almond


  • Delta: Easy-Grip Spreaders, Easy-Twist Detail Tips
  • Stencil adhesive spray
  • Small rose stencil

Basic Supplies

newspaper (to cover work surface)



Cover work surface. Apply stencil adhesive to back of stencil; position on doorknob.


Combine small amount of Country Red and White to create soft rose color. Apply small amount of rose mixture and White directly to stencil. Use pointed spreader to spread paint over stencil, blending colors. Clean spreader.


In same way, use Eucalyptus to paint leaves. Remove stencil.


Mix small amount of Almond and White; use mixture and small dot tip to apply dots around rose.


Repeat Steps 1-4 for remaining doorknob.

by Irene Mueller

8 thoughts on “Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

  1. I love this project but please, can you explain how to attach it to the wall or
    To the curtain. I can’t figure it out by my self because I’m not that
    Crafty. Thank you so much!

  2. Cute idea, but you forgot to say how to attach the Doorknobs to a bracket by the curtains…on the wall beside the Window Framing…

  3. 1- If the vintage doorknob comes as a set of two, separate them. The doorknobs should be attached together with a bolt; use a screwdriver to loosen the screw located near the head of the knob. Remove knobs. Set aside decorative flange.
    2- Using a screwdriver, insert a drywall anchor into the opening on the back of the knob. Cut drywall anchor with grinder so that it is flush with the knob. Attach flange to knob using washer and metal screw.
    3- Measure and mark wall for proper height of tiebacks. For knob placement, hold flange on wall and insert metal screw to create indents in drywall. Use drill to create pilot holes for plastic drywall anchors. Insert anchors by tapping with hammer until flush with wall. Line up flange with drywall anchors. Secure to wall with screwdriver.

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