Paint Stick Starburst Mirror

Last year, I set out to help my parents improve their home by adding a fresh coat of paint to each room of their South Georgia residence. We painted walls and trim and even some of the painted furniture pieces. We made several trips to the home improvement store and with each gallon of paint we purchased, were given a handful of paint sticks for stirring the paint. We used some of them but when all was said and done, we had lots of paint sticks leftover. Around this time, I remember seeing a do-it yourself starburst mirror made out of long thin wooden sticks and wondered if I could use the paint sticks to create my own version of this 1960’s era throwback using craft supplies.

I decided that by using a wood circle plaque, a craft mirror, and the paint sticks as my main supplies, I could probably figure it out.

To decide on a color scheme, I picked out some paint swatches and matched them to my DecoArt paints. I ended up choosing Spiced Pumpkin, Baby Pink, and Flamingo. For some reason, I am loving the color combination of oranges with pinks. They represent a sharp, modern contrast to the vintage tones and hues that have been so popular for years.

I divided my sticks into three piles.

Then I painted my paint sticks! Ha ha. In an attempt to save time creating this do-it-yourself starburst mirror, I chose to paint only one side of the sticks, taking care to paint the edges of the sticks since I knew they would show when I assembled my starburst mirror. I painted my circle plaque white on the front only, using a couple of coats for all pieces for nice even coverage.

Once my pieces were dry, I plugged in my hot glue gun and began to layout my sticks on the backside of the circle plaque. I started in a criss-cross pattern, but there are probably several ways to do this.

To make your own starburst, continue stacking the sticks evenly, alternating colors. I found the hot gun worked well to hold the sticks in place but I had to add a few small nails to some of the top layers of sticks

I added some inspirational sentiments in the form of rub-on transfers to complete the look. Rub-ons transfer very easily to smooth surfaces, such as glass. Just be aware that you cannot wipe across the glass or the rub-ons remove just as easily. So be careful when cleaning your do-it-yourself starburst mirror. I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on creating a starburst mirror and it inspires you to try your own. Save those paint sticks!

Live Life Creatively,

Melony Bradley (

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