Vintage Pillowcase Shirt

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At first glance, you’d never guess this shirt is made from a vintage pillowcase! Search flea markets or garage sales to find pillowcases with pretty patterns or embroidery.


  • Vintage pillowcase
  • Double-fold bias tape, 1/4”, 48” length
  • Non-roll elastic, 1/2” wide, chest measurement at armpits minus 1”


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Safety pin

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


(Note: Measurements are approximate. Adjust lengths as needed for desired size.)

1. Wash and dry pillowcase. Place pillowcase on flat work surface. Cut 11” from closed end.

2. Fold under raw edges 1/4”; press.

3. Fold edges again 1-1/4”; press to form top hem.

4. Topstitch around pressed edges 1” from fold. Leave 2” opening to insert elastic.

5. Use safety pin to thread elastic through casing. Overlap elastic 1/2” and stitch to secure. Check for proper fit before continuing.

6. Place any protruding elastic into casing; sew opening closed. Set shirt aside.

7. For straps, cut two 24” bias tape lengths. Machine-sew zigzag stitch down center of each strap.

8. Straight stitch strap to inside, front of shirt, 4” from armpit. Repeat for remaining strap. Knot ends.

9. Tie straps around neck.

by Lisa Bychowski

One thought on “Vintage Pillowcase Shirt

  1. Can you add directions for inserting an elastic below the bust for more body form? Personally, I would omit the strap. Thanks for the idea!

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