Vintage Button Bracelets

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Showcase favorite vintage buttons with these darling bracelets that may be paired with any outfit. Whip one up anytime for a perfect last-minute gift.


  • Strong thread (waxed linen or nylon), 2 yds.
  • Vintage buttons, 6-10
  • Vintage or new beads in pearl tones, or sparkling vintage crystals, 6-10


  • Micro crochet hook, size 7.5
  • Glue or clear nail polish

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



Lay out buttons and beads and determine pattern for bracelet. Choose one button, perhaps a bit larger than others, for toggle closure.


Tie knot at thread end to keep beads and buttons from falling off. String beads and buttons onto thread and slide them down so you have one yard of thread to work with. Place toggle button on thread first so it will be the last button stitched. Use buttons with shanks or holes. If using buttons with holes, bring thread up through bottom of button, then back through other hole. If button has four holes, only pass thread through twice.


Crochet approximately 16 chain stitches, and pick up first stitch to form a loop. Test to be sure toggle button fits through hole. If not, undo loop and add several stitches until button easily passes through, but without being too loose.


After loop is complete, add two more chain stitches, and slide first bead or button down to stitches and make next chain stitch with bead or button encased in thread.


Do three to four chain stitches between each bead and button. If bracelet is too long or short, just pull out the chain without undoing loop, and add or subtract stitches. A standard bracelet length is 7-1/2” long.


When finished, wrap thread around stitch of final button, tie two knots and snip excess thread. Apply dab of clear nail polish or glue to secure knot.

by Maryellen Kim

2 thoughts on “Vintage Button Bracelets

  1. I am so excited to find this idea. I found a box with 21 small buttons that were on the dress my mother wore when my parents were married in 1937. I have been trying to come up with an idea to use them. This is perfect–I want to make one for me and one for my sister. I may also make bracelets for my nieces and great nieces with buttons from her button box.
    Thank you so much for this idea!

  2. This seems like such a cute idea! But I really wish you had step by step pictures too.
    ( I’m more of a visual learner when it comes to crafting .)

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