Vintage Charm Bracelet

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Design your own charm bracelet using discarded bits and pieces of vintage jewelry often found at flea market jewelry vendor booths. Even the smallest pieces can make an eye-catching accessory.


  • Vintage jewelry pieces
  • Chain with clasp
  • Jump rings


  • Jewelry tools: pliers; wire cutters

    Examples of Flea Market Jewelry Pieces



Gather all jewelry parts. Cut chain to fit wrist. Use pliers to reattach jump ring at one chain end.


Add jump rings to jewelry pieces as desired.


Open all jump rings and jewelry pieces and attach charms evenly-spaced to chain.


  • Add a photo or monogram charm for a more personalized design.

by Rebekah Meier

3 thoughts on “Vintage Charm Bracelet

  1. this little bracelet really caught my eye! vintage and old have done a great job on the design and idea..have some supplies ..need to get a few more..really excited about making one for a gift and then treat myself to one..

    • Hi Gail. This is one of those projects that just inspires so many ideas. I’m planning to make a Valentine’s Day version using red and silver odds-and-ends from my grandmother’s costume jewelry collection that I inherited. Send us a picture of what you make!

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