Tiered Dessert Stand

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Create this three-tiered dessert stand using pretty patterned dishes from flea markets and thrift shops. They are quick, easy to make, and may be tailored to coordinate with everyone’s décor.


  • Vintage dishes: saucer; salad plate; dinner plate; small dessert cups, two


  • Eclectic Products E6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive


(Note: For best results, take care to adhere cups to exact center of dishes.)

step 1

Wash and dry dishes. Apply E6000® Industrial-Strength Adhesive around lip of dessert cup and center carefully under salad plate. Repeat for saucer tier. Let glue cure for 24 hours.

step 2

Using photo as guide, adhere salad plate/dessert cup tier to center of dinner plate and to base of saucer/dessert cup tier. Let glue cure for 24 hours.


  • Instead of creating one dessert stand, create single-layer tiers you can stack. This will make it easier to wash and store.

by Eileen Hull

7 thoughts on “Tiered Dessert Stand

  1. I really like this idea…very much a cottage style. Good to know what kind of glue will work on glass and china. Thanks for sending this email project.

  2. I did this with peach tranparent glass dishes. I must admit it was only two layers but I etched the bottom of the top dish and around the rim of the bottom of the bottom plate. I used cereal bowl turned upside down for the pedistil and a sherbert glass between the two plates. I turned our great. My sister loved her gift.

  3. I had this idea long time ago, and i tried with different kind of glue,which did not work. Thanks for sharing.I am going to try and use this adhesive.thanks a lot.

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