Stacked Clay Pots Centerpiece

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It looks like wood and expensive paint, but the secret to this eye-catching centerpiece is everyday clay pots and acrylic paint.


  • Clay items: bowl, 8″; pot, 4″; saucer, 6″
  • Wooden beads, 30 to 35 each: round, 3⁄4″, 3⁄8″, 1⁄4″; oblong, 3⁄4″
  • Wooden items: hearts, 1″, eight; wheels, 1⁄2″, eight; knobs, 1″, two; buttons or discs, 1″, two


  • Acrylic or outdoor paints: burgundy, black
  • Spray sealer
  • String or heavy thread
  • Damp sponge or cloth
  • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

paintbrush, newpaper (to cover work surface), damp sponge or cloth



Turn saucer upside down; adhere pot to saucer and bowl to pot. Let dry overnight.


String beads as follows: large, medium, small, oblong, small, medium; adhere strand to bowl edge. For seam between bowl and pot, string all large beads; adhere in place. For seam between pot and saucer, string medium, small, oblong, small beads; adhere in place.


For handles, adhere buttons/discs to sides of bowl; adhere knobs to buttons. Adhere evenly-spaced hearts under beads between bowl and pot. Adhere wheels to hearts.


On covered work surface, paint centerpiece burgundy; let dry. For antique look, paint small sections black and quickly wipe with damp sponge or cloth. Apply sealer.

by Kirsten Peters McGrath for iLoveToCreate

7 thoughts on “Stacked Clay Pots Centerpiece

  1. Very nice center piece. I love how the wood beads and hearts were used to embellish the piece. It turned out very pretty. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

  2. I love this. At first glance you don’t notice that this is actually clay pots. The paint & embellishments really changes the looks of the pots.

  3. I had a few modification ideas. This could be made using different base colors. Instead of burgundy how about gold, bronze, brown, or a color to match your decor.

    For Halloween, use purple as the base color. Then fill with eyeball balls and adhere the tail of a mouse inside the bowl so the mouse is dangling out of it. Or fill with very small mini pumpkins for not so goulish. Be creative and come up with your own filling. Would work for about any holiday actually, even with the original burgundy color.

    I think I would leave off the knobs maybe. Prevent the tendency to pick it up that way and they may not be able to handle the weight.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Where, oh where….does one find the terra cotta bowl on top. I have looked everywhere and have yet to find it. HELP! I have people excited to make this…..

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