Monochromatic Rustic Pallet Wall Art

I love all the monochromatic DIY projects I have been seeing everywhere. I first noticed this trend appearing in paper crafts like card-making a few years back. At first, it looked odd to me. Where was the bold contrast I was so used to seeing? Lately, I have seen a lot of pillows, tote bags, and even wall art completed using this new trend.

When Walnut Hollow introduced their new line of rustic pallets, I was smitten. I have been collecting larger reclaimed pallets, rescued from junk yards and even dumpsters, for quite some time. Oh, I had grand plans to create coffee tables, signage, shelves, and other projects someday. But for some reason, the large pieces of wood never really inspired me to take on such huge ventures. Noticing the pallet craze and the rustic pieces that savvy recyclers and crafters were creating, Walnut Hollow came up with this amazing line that includes a round wood clock, pallets in several sizes, and even arrow signboards.

For this project, I used the 14”x24” rustic pallet. To make this project you will need basic supplies.

Since these are “rustic palettes,” I skipped sanding the wood. I began by deciding on a sentiment and cutting the needed letters from the matboard. Then I carefully arranged them on the pallet.

 Then I glued each letter down using the tacky glue to my rustic pallet wall art.

To add a motif or two to your design, trace a heart on the Elmer’s Foam Board. I did hearts in two sizes, but you can die cut hearts or even use wooden ones instead for this.

Cutting foam board with an X-ACTO knife can be tricky. First, score rather lightly as closely as possible on the traced lines. Go back and cut a little deeper. Finally, cut the lines again, this time attempting to cut all the way through the foam board. If needed, sand any rough edges of the cut heart shapes with a sanding block.

The rest is easy! Spray several light coats of white paint to the wall art. It took two cans to get the opaque white look I tried to achieve here. But I loved the result. Monochromatic Rustic Pallet Wall Art!

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