Autumn Leaves Lamp & Shade

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Would you believe the lamp is actually a glass goblet? The shade is made from Bristol board, a type of paperboard found in craft and art supply stores. Make a different lamp for all seasons and special occasions!


  • Goblet, 2-1⁄2” diameter opening, 7” tall
  • White Bristol board, 8”x14”
  • Delta Stencil Paint Crème: Goldenrod Yellow, Garnet Red, Jungle Green, Christmas Red, Paprika
  • Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel (for painting on glass): Dark Goldenrod, Rooster Red, Hunter Green
  • Battery-operated tea light


  • Leaf and acorn stencil
  • Paintbrushes: stencil, 1⁄4” and 3⁄8”; round
  • Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel Surface Conditioner
  • Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze
  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

scissors or craft knife, pencil, paper towels, newpaper (to cover work area)



To make the shade, print and cut pattern. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Use pattern to cut shade from Bristol board. If you prefer a shade with a straight edge or are using a different style stencil, cut pattern on dashed line.


Place stencil on shade. Starting with lightest color and working to darkest color, stencil leaves and acorns. Use some of each color on all leaves and acorns. Stencil stems with Garnet Red, Christmas Red, and Paprika. Reposition stencil as needed to fill bottom of shade with leaves and acorns. Set shade aside.


Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply conditioner to base and glass. Do not apply to stem. Paint base with two coats of Rooster Red, letting dry between coats. In the same way, paint outside of glass with Dark Goldenrod.


Cut one acorn design from stencil. Using single acorn and Dark Goldenrod, stencil four acorns around base. When dry, stencil portions of each acorn with Hunter Green.


Apply two coats of clear gloss glaze to outside of glass and base, letting dry between coats.


Overlap short ends of shade approximately 1⁄4”; glue to secure.


Place tea light in glass. Place shade on glass.


  • For a different look, purchase goblets with colored stems and bases. Leave the glass section unpainted.

by Dorris Sorensen

One thought on “Autumn Leaves Lamp & Shade

  1. Very pretty, love the colours. Great idea to use a glass goblet. Would look awesome in my home, another craft I have to make : )

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