Pumpkin Sweatshirt

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When the crisp autumn wind starts to whirl, this Jack -O’-Laughter sweatshirt will keep you warm and let everyone know you’re ready for a little Halloween fun! Use this same design to create a trick-or-treat bag or decorative door banner.


  • Sweatshirt, adult size
  • Cotton fabrics: burnt orange, 1⁄4 yard; gold, 6” square; brown, 3” square
  • Black pearl cotton
  • Brown four-hole buttons, 5/8” diameter, two


  • Embroidery needle
  • Red fabric paint
  • Large stencil brush
  • Thermo O Web HeatnBond UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive

Basic Supplies

scissors, tracing paper, pencil, ruler, iron and pressing surface



Wash and dry all fabrics before beginning. Use photo and pumpkin pattern as placement and stitching guides throughout.

Pumpkin Sweatshirt

1. Cut 3” square, 6” square, and 10”x12” rectangle from iron-on adhesive. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse squares to wrong sides of gold and brown fabrics. Fuse rectangle to burnt orange fabric.

2. Print and cut out patterns along dashed lines; transfer nose to gold fused fabric, stem to brown, and pumpkin outline to burnt orange. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print.)

3. Position pumpkin and stem on sweatshirt with top of stem 2-3⁄4” below top edge of collar; fuse pumpkin and stem to sweatshirt. Fuse nose to pumpkin.

4. Use tracing paper and pumpkin pattern to transfer eyes, mouth, and line below stem to pumpkin. Drybrush cheeks red.

5. Using one strand pearl cotton, blanket stitch around pumpkin, stem, nose, and mouth. For eyes, sew buttons to pumpkin, crossing thread to make an “X” in each eye.


  • The secret to a professionally crafted look is the quality of fabric you choose for your pumpkin. Skip the sale table and opt instead for a textured print or heavyweight solid fabric for best results.

by Mary Ayres

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Sweatshirt

  1. cute idea, I couldn’t get the pattern to print completely on 8.5 x 11 paper. I will need to draw in outside lines for parts of the face and stem.

  2. I would like to make the pumpkin sweatshirt but I can not get the pattern internet explorer quiets working everytime I click on the pattern link

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