Aqualicious Jewelry

Leather jewelry is one of the biggest trends to surface in the fashion world in recent times.  No longer the domain of punks, bikers, and Goths, leather jewelry is now mainstream.  It’s a chic-and-trendy jewelry style that has been embraced by both celebrities and the general population alike.  Popular in both men’s and women’s jewelry, this trend just keeps getting hotter!

With its soft, natural feel against your skin, leather is an ideal stringing material for bracelets. But combined with a sprinkling of beads, leather jewelry takes on a whole new look and adds a new dimension to your jewelry designs.

This bracelet and earrings set combines color and texture using Silver Creek Leather Sof-Suede Lace and a simple braiding technique to create a two tone bracelet with a hint of sparkle and matching earrings in either black or aqua – the choice is yours.


  • Silver Creek Leather 3/32” Sof-Suede Lace: Aqua, Goth Black
  • Rhinestone cup chain: small, medium
  • Black Kashmiri bead, 18mm
  • 3-hole silver end connector bars, two
  • Fancy 3-hole silver end connector bars, two
  • Silver ribbon clamps, 6mm, 10
  • Silver jump rings, 4mm, 18
  • Silver eye pin
  • Silver hitch and ball clasp


  • Pliers: round-nose, flat-nose, chain-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Toothpick
  • Bulldog clips
  • Beacon Adhesives 527 Multi-Use Glue 

Step 1

Cut three 16” lengths of each of the Aqua and Goth Black Sof-Suede lace.  Line up the ends of the three Aqua pieces and place them in the bulldog clip.  Braid the three pieces together evenly until you reach the end.

Step 2

Trim the ends and place a ribbon clamp over the braid.  Hold the ribbon clamp by the sides so that the laces stay in place and then use the flat nose pliers to gently but firmly close the clamp over the laces.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the Goth Black Sof-Suede Lace.

To Make The Earrings

Step 4

Decide whether you want to make the aqua earrings or the black earrings and work with that color braid.  Measure 3” from the folded edge of the ribbon clamp and place a bulldog clip on the other side of the mark. Cut the laces and then secure them with a ribbon clamp as before.

Step 5

Use the chain-nose pliers to create an opening in the top of the braid near one end of the ribbon clamps.

Push the first rhinestone of the small cup chain through the hole and close the gap.

Step 6

To determine how much cup chain you need, hold the two ribbon clamps together so that they form a teardrop shape. Wrap the chain around the teardrop and then cut the chain one link longer than the braid. Apply adhesive with the toothpick to the back of several cups of the chain and press them firmly down the middle of the braid.

Repeat until you are about five cups from the end of the braid. Open the braid as before and push the last link of the chain through to the other side. Carefully apply adhesive to the back of the last few cups.

Step 7

Connect the two ribbon clamps together with a jump ring. Connect the first jump ring to the earring wire with a second jump ring.

Step 8

Make a second earring to match.

To Make The Bracelet

Step 9

Cut two 2” pieces of each of the laces and use ribbon crimps to secure the ends firmly in place.

Step 10

Cut two 2” pieces of medium rhinestone cup chain. Place the last link of one end of a piece of cup chain into an end cup; use the flat-nose pliers to gently press down the claws over the rhinestone. Repeat on each end of the two chains.

Step 11

Use jump rings to attach the braided lace to the outside of the two fancy 3-hole connector ends and the cup chains to the middle holes. Attach the other ends of the braided laces and cup chains to the plain 3-hole connector ends.

Step 12

String the Kashmiri bead on the eye pin and turn a simple loop.

Step 13

Open the eye loops of the Kashmiri bead and attach one to each of the two fancy end connectors.

Step 14

Connect one half of the clasp to each end of the bracelet with jump rings.

by Myléne Hillam for Silver Creek Leather (

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