Little Lamb Shower Centerpiece

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Plastic-foam shapes, some ribbon, and a few yards of fun-to-use loopy chenille are all you need to create this shower show-stopper. After the shower, Little Lamb becomes a cherished nursery memento – a sweet reminder of the very first party thrown in baby’s honor!


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Shapes, one each: egg, 2-15⁄16”x3-1⁄16”, 3-7⁄8”x5-7⁄8”; disc, 1” thick, 10” diameter
  • White jumbo loopy chenille, 4-1⁄2 yds.
  • Tulle, 45” wide, color of choice, 1⁄2 yd.
  • Ribbon: satin, 3⁄8” wide, color of choice, 1⁄3 yd.; baby-print satin or grosgrain, 7⁄8” wide, color of choice, 2 yds.; organdy, 1-1⁄2” wide, color of choice, 1 yd.
  • Wooden items: craft stick, one; dowel, 1⁄4” diameter, 18 inches long
  • Pink animal nose, 12mm
  • Black animal eyes, 9mm, two
  • Gold jingle bell, 3⁄4”
  • White cloth-covered floral wire, 9” length


  • Pink powdered blush
  • Floral pins
  • Low-temperature glue gun or thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, ruler, handsaw, cotton-tip swab, metal nail file



For lamb body, cut one two-yard length from loopy chenille. Pin one end of chenille length to narrow end of large egg; narrow end of egg becomes lamb’s chest. Coil chenille around body to cover, spot gluing as you go. Pin free end of chenille to wide end of body to secure. Set body aside.


For head, cut one-yard length from loopy chenille. In same way as body, cover smaller egg for head; narrow end of egg becomes lamb’s face.


To join head to body, insert one half of craft stick into center side of head. Remove craft stick; coat one end with glue and re-insert glued end into head. Insert opposite end of craft stick into body. When pleased with angle of head, remove head/craft stick assembly from body. Apply glue to end of craft stick and re-insert into body. Set head/body aside.


For legs, cut four 4-1⁄2” lengths from wooden dowel and four 8” lengths from loopy chenille. Each leg is made in same way. Adhere one end of chenille to one end of dowel. Spiral wrap chenille around dowel, spot gluing as you go. Leave 3⁄4” unwrapped at end of each leg.


To attach legs to body, apply thin layer of glue to exposed dowel; push legs into bottom of body so legs rest at slight outward angle from body. Legs should be about 1-3⁄4” apart where they join body. Front legs should be inserted about 2” behind chest area; back legs should be inserted about 1” from rear of body.


For face, use scissors to trim chenille loops from 2-1⁄2” diameter circle. Be careful not to clip too much or the wire inside the chenille will be exposed. Adhere eyes and nose to face. Use cotton-tip swab or finger to apply blush to cheeks.


For ears and tail, cut three 6” lengths from loopy chenille. Fold each length in half; twist ends to secure. Adhere two lengths, 2-1⁄2” apart, to top of head for ears. Adhere remaining length to back of lamb for tail. Ears should curve downward toward face; tail should stand up straight. Set lamb aside.


To make the base, cut one 32” length from baby-print ribbon. Adhere one end of ribbon to edge of plastic-foam disc. Wrap ribbon around disc; adhere free end of ribbon to secure. Center and adhere lamb to top of base.


To finish base, use metal nail file to tuck finger-gathered tulle into base under and around lamb.


For lamb’s collar, wrap and adhere 3⁄8” wide satin ribbon around neck; trim ribbon ends as needed. Adhere jingle bell to bottom of collar, left of center.


For ear bow, cut 8” length from baby-print ribbon. Fold ribbon into 3”-wide two-loop bow with 1-1⁄2” tails and center loop. Cut floral wire into three 3” lengths. Twist one floral wire length around center of bow; trim wire ends and adhere bow to ear as shown.


For base bow, tie organdy ribbon into 6”-wide four-loop bow with two 3” tails. Wrap center of bow with floral wire; trim wire ends. From remaining baby-print ribbon, tie 4”-wide four-loop bow with two 3” tails and center loop. Wrap center of bow with remaining floral wire. Wire baby-print bow to center of organdy bow, twisting wire ends to secure; trim wire ends. Adhere bow to base on left side of lamb.

by Muriel Spencer

Baby Jar Animal Favors

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


These baby elephants, giraffes, and monkeys are ready to help celebrate the arrival of your little one!


  • Baby food jars, three
  • Felt: 9”x12” sheets: yellow, blue, brown, tan
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Curling ribbon: 12” lengths, three each: blue, yellow, pink
  • Thread: black, white
  • Black seed beads, six
  • Assorted plastic baby trinkets
  • Candy


  • Sewing machine
  • DecoArt Antique Lace No-Prep Metal Paint
  • Powdered blush
  • Chenille stems
  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives Gem-tac Permanent Adhesive, glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

scissors, sponge, needle, newspaper (to cover work surface)



(Note: Materials listed are for set of three.)

1. Remove labels from baby food jars; wash and let dry. On covered work surface, sponge lids Antique Lace; set aside.

2. Cut out patterns and felt as indicated. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print patterns.) Machine or hand stitch coordinating pieces together with white thread, leaving small openings for stuffing. Stuff pieces; stitch openings closed. (Note: Stuff body pieces firmly in order for characters to stand upright.)

3. Use black thread to sew beads to faces for eyes and monkey’s nose. Apply blush to animals’ cheeks and monkey’s ears, hands, and feet.

4. Use glue gun to adhere the following: elephant’s ears to head and arms to body; giraffe’s neck to center back of arms. Use craft glue to adhere body and feet to jars. Wrap chenille stems around body pieces to hold in place while drying. Adhere spots to giraffe’s neck.

5. For each jar, tie center of three ribbon lengths together and curl ends. Tie trinkets to ribbon centers; adhere to jar lids. Fill jars with candy.

Baby Shower Games

Check out the list below for a few fun games to play at your next baby shower.

  • Measure the Mother-To-Be: Place spools of ribbon and scissors at tables. Ask guests to each cut a length that they think will fit perfectly around the mom-to-be’s belly. The closest length wins.
  • Diaper the Baby: Divide guests into pairs. Provide each pair with a baby doll, diaper, and doll clothing. The teams must diaper and dress the dolls using only one hand. The fastest dressers win.
  • Candy Count: Fill a plastic baby bottle with small candies. Have guests guess the number of candies in the bottle.
  • Stork Bingo: Photocopy and pass out blank bingo cards. Have guests fill in squares with items they think the mom-to-be will receive as gifts. As gifts are opened, guests mark items on cards until someone marks off a row (Bingo).
  • New Wardrobe: Place a onesie or baby shirt at each place setting, and fabric paints in center of table. Guests decorate a new “wardrobe” for baby. (Insert cardboard between layers of clothing to protect back sides while painting.)
  • Baby Name Race: Provide guests with paper and pen. See who can come up with the most names in one minute. Do girls’ names, then boys’ names.
  • Advice for the New Mom: Decorate a sheet of paper with a “baby theme” (footprints, duckies, etc.). Have guests write advice to the new mom. Place all sheets together in a nice scrapbook for her.

by Debbie Kolehmainen