Photo Valentine Cards

When my three boys were younger, each year when Valentine’s Day rolled around, I tried to come up with a card that was easy to make in multiples, fun yet inexpensive, and most importantly, met their requirement for something that was not too girly.

Since it was the one time of year I could usually count on my boys to pitch in and “get crafty” with me, the annual ritual of planning and assembling cards for the boys to bring to school was something we all looked forward to. Over the years, there have been candy airplanes, cards made with playing cards, and lots of stamped cards, but the one that seemed to be the biggest hit (and has been pretty popular on Pinterest) is this photo card:

I had seen a few variations of this card online and thought it seemed like something that would be fairly easy to recreate. The year we made this card, my two older boys were in middle and high school and no longer exchanged cards with classmates. My youngest son and I started out with a mini photo shoot in the backyard one day after school. There were some pretty funny outtakes!

We finally settled on this pose – it had the right combination of a good expression on Jack’s face plus enough room for the lollipop and message in the sky above.

The text was added using photo-editing software, but you could substitute a stamp, sticker, or handwritten message using a Sharpie marker. We cut out pieces of red cardstock to use as a mat and trimmed the bottom edge using a decorative border punch (kids love punches!). Two tiny holes were punched with a thumbtack on either side of the lollipop stem and it was tied on using paper floss. We also added an adhesive dot right behind the lollipop to keep it from moving. We worked assembly-line style and I tried to let Jack do as much of the work as possible. This would also work well with other types of small treats such as a pencil or marker.

One thing I have learned from crafting with my boys over the years is to let go of my perfectionist tendencies… in the end, what does it really matter if the photos aren’t trimmed precisely or there are some ragged edges on the card? We had fun, and the memories we have of spending time together will last a lifetime (and are nice to look back on, especially now with a house full of teenagers!).


  • Epson Premium Presentation Matte Photo Paper
  • Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch
  • Karen Foster Design Scrapper’s Spools (available in a variety of colors)
  • Therm O Web Medium Craft Zots

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alice Golden from Golden Moments (