Faux Cupcake Ornaments

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Create these festive miniature faux cupcakes to spice up your holiday décor this Christmas.


  • Celebrate It Mini Cupcake Baking Cups
  • FloraCraft Foam Ball, 1-1/2”
  • All-purpose caulking
  • White cardstock
  • Red ribbon
  • Assorted beads, four (for hanger)
  • Rhinestones: clear, two; red, 12
  • Beadalon Products: large topaz bead; silver beads, 18; headpins; wire, 24- and 18-gauge


  • Testors Enamel Paint Markers (available at Testors.com or Amazon.com): Blue (2508), Green (2524), Red (2503), Yellow (2514)
  • Wilton: Disposable Decorating Bags; Decorating Tips, #48, #70
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose pliers, two
  • Funnel
  • Glitter: silver, clear
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, spool of thread, craft knife, toothpick, newspaper (to cover work surface)



All “frosting” on cupcakes is created by filling decorating bag with caulking and squeezing it out with different style tips.  Follow manufacturer’s directions on decorating bag package.  Decorating bags and tips used for these projects should not be reused for food.

Basic Cupcake

1. Cut small section off bottom of foam ball to create flat surface.

2. Apply caulking to flat bottom and set into baking cup.

3. Set baking cup into funnel.

4. Squeeze bead of caulking into space between cup and foam ball.  (Note: This will adhere foam to foil and help it keep its shape once set.)

Wire Hangers

1. Cut 5” length from 18-gauge wire; wrap around any tubular object, such as Testors enamel markers or jewelry ring maker, two or three times.


2. Lay another larger round object, such as a spool of thread, on excess wire and smooth wire around object to create “s” shape. Slip wire off both objects and trim. Dip wire end in glue, then attach bead.

3. Each hanger is connected to a SIMPLE LOOP WIRE. To create one, cut 2-1/2” length from 24-gauge wire and wrap into spiral on one end (See Wire Hangers – Step 1). Dip straight wire end into glue and insert into center of cupcake.

Angel Cupcake

1. Cut 18” length of 18-gauge wire; fold in half.

2. Using pliers, grab wire at 1/3 of wire length. Grab folded end with another set of pliers and twist until wires are wrapped around each other.

3. Form the two untwisted wires into “y” shape.

4. Roughly shape into curves with your hands. Twist ends together at top as shown.

5. Push the two twisted ends together, forming two loops for wings. Slide on topaz bead.

6. Form wings by pinching along wire several times with flat-nose pliers.

7. Slip silver bead over remaining wires above topaz bead.

8. Bend top wires into 45-degree angle.

9. Wrap and smooth remaining wire around marker or other round object to create double, open halo above topaz bead.

10. Stick long twisted stem at bottom of angel into glue and then into center of cupcake. Insert simple loop wire (from Wire Hangers – Step 3) in cupcake behind stem.

11. Using #70 decorating tip, form base of angel by applying adhesive caulking and working from center of cupcake out to edges, overlapping strokes.

12. When caulking is dry, paint with yellow marker.

Snowflake Cupcake

1. Print and use template to cut two identical snowflakes with craft knife from cardstock. (Note: The blue word “template” is a link. To access this template, select the link, then download and print.) Place one flake on covered work surface and dot glue on center and points. Lay 3” simple loop wire on snowflake as shown. Place second snowflake on top of wire, aligning snowflakes. Let dry.

2. Apply thin coat of glue to both sides of snowflake and sprinkle on clear glitter. Adhere rhinestone in center on each side.

3. For frosting, use swirling pattern to apply caulking with #48 decorating tip positioned on its side.  (Note: This will make frosting swirls stand on end.)

4. When dry, paint frosting with blue marker. While paint is still wet, sprinkle on silver glitter. Stick snowflake simple loop wire into glue and then into center of cupcake.

Wreath Cupcake

1. Use #70 decorating tip to apply two rippled lines of caulking around border of cupcake. (Note: The slower you move the tip, the more it will ripple the caulking.)

2. Using toothpick, jab repeatedly at caulking. As toothpick is pulled out, peeks are formed that look like wreath needles.

3. When set, paint wreath with green marker.

4. Dab glue on back of red rhinestones and attach to wreath in groups of three.

5. Attach simple loop wire to center of cupcake. Tie bow on wire with red ribbon.

Gift Package Cupcake

1. Cover cupcake with caulking using #70 decorating tip.

2. Once set, apply caulking to add ribbon and bow with #48 tip.

3. Paint ribbon with red marker.

4. Push headpin into each silver bead and insert into cupcake as shown.  Add simple loop wire to center and surround with beads.

by The Domestic Diva (www.domestic-divaonline.com) for The Testor Corporation (www.testors.com)

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Create this adorable candy cane wreath for your home holiday decorating. Xyron adhesives will make this project super fast and easy.


  • Wrapped candy canes, 16
  • Crate Paper Bundled Up Cardstock, Ephemera Pack
  • May Arts red gingham plaid ribbon


  • Xyron Adhesives: 3” Sticker Maker, Mega Runner, Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit by Xyron (1/4” High Tack Tape, Clear Hold Adhesive, Foam Squares), 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots
  • Sizzix Sidekick Machine with Sizzlits Tim Holtz Mini Paper Rosette Decorative Strip Die
  • Craft punches: EK Success Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Lace Edge Punch, Circle Punch

Basic Supplies

scissors, scoring tool, score board



Cut two strips of striped paper measuring 2”x12”.


Punch long one side of each strip with Doily Lace punch.


Using a score board, score both strips every 1/2″. Accordion fold the strips.


Using Xyron’s 1/4″ High Tack Tape, apply adhesive strip to each ending tab and connect strips to form one long strip. With scalloped edge on outside, arc strip into circle rosette. Adhere rosette closed with Xyron 1/4” High Tack Tape.


Punch circle from decorative paper.


Using Xyron Mega Runner, cover back side with adhesive and attach to top of striped rosette.


Using Sidekick machine and Rosette dies, die cut a larger rosette from greetings paper and smaller rosette from red snowflake paper. Accordion fold rosettes. With scalloped edge on outside, arc strip into circle rosette. Adhere rosette closed with Xyron 1/4” High Tack Tape. Run finishing circles through Xyron 3” Sticker Maker and adhere to rosette fronts. Stack rosettes together; adhere using Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots.


Adhere snowman die cut to top of rosette stack with two Xyron Teresa Collins Foam Squares.


Using three or four Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots, adhere candy canes together, back to back as shown. Tie ribbon around each candy cane set. Arrange in wreath circle.


Using Clear Hold Adhesive from the Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit, adhere rosette stack to center of candy cane wreath, let dry. Add ribbon hanger and enjoy.


  • Use Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots or a hot glue gun to hold the candy cane tips together.

by Lori Williams for Xyron, Inc. (www.xyron.com)

Heavenly Angel

Craft Ideas Craft of the Day

Decorate your home this holiday season with this beautiful angel made from fabric and freezer paper! Gold designs are airbrushed using lace and a paper doily as stencils, giving this angel her sparkle and shine.


  • Ivory sheer fabric, 18”x45”
  • Lace, 8”x8” scrap
  • FloraCraft Foam Cone, 6”
  • Paper doily, 12” circle
  • Gold ball Christmas ornament of choice, 1-1/2” diameter
  • Gold wire, 22- or 24-gauge
  • Gold headpins, three
  • Round pearls, three
  • Small green leafy Christmas sprig
  • Reynolds Freezer Paper


  • Testors Aztec Airbrush System
  • Testors Aztec Airbrushable Pearl Gold Acrylic Paint (available at Testors.com or Amazon.com)
  • Wire cutters
  • Paintbrush, 1”
  • Fast Finish Découpage
  • Adhesives: Stencil Ease Repositionable Stencil Adhesive, Elmer’s Craft Glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, marker, tape, craft knife, toothpicks, iron and pressing surface, knitting needle or skinny pen, newspaper (to cover work surface)


Angel Templates

1. Download and print angel body and wing template. (Note: The blue word “template” is a link. To access this template, select the link, then download and print.)

2. Follow directions to assemble body template.


1. From sheer fabric and freezer paper, cut one 16” square for angel body and three 8” squares for wings. Set wings aside.

2. Iron sheer fabric onto all freezer paper squares. (Note: Freezer paper will keep fabric stable while you work.)

3. Place 16” bonded fabric/paper square onto work surface with paper side up. Using template, trace one 12” circle onto freezer paper with marker. (Note: Circle will be visible through the sheer fabric.) Using marker, place dot in center of circle.

4. With fabric side up, use one-inch paintbrush to paint even coat of découpage on circle outline. Straddle line with center of brush to place découpage half inside and half outside of line. (Note: This will prevent fabric edge from fraying when cut.)

5. When dry, spray back side of 12-inch paper doily with repositionable stencil adhesive. Align doily with fabric circle and press to adhere.

6. Over covered work surface, use airbrush to paint doily gold.

7. When dry, carefully peel away doily, then fabric, from freezer paper.

8. Drape fabric over foam cone, matching dot to cone center.

9. For angel wings, place one 8” square onto work surface with paper side up. Trace wing template onto square using marker.

10. Use paintbrush to evenly coat entire fabric-side surface of each 8” square with découpage.

11. When completely dry, bond all three squares as follows:  Remove freezer paper from one square and place square on layer with wing outline. Paint with more découpage, which will bond fabrics together. Repeat with third wing and let dry.

12. Spray adhesive on back of lace and place over wing shape. (Note: Lace should cover wing completely.)

13. Over covered work surface, airbrush wing with gold paint. When completely dry, remove lace and cut out wing on marker line. Carefully peel away freezer paper.

14. For angel head, remove hanger/top from ball ornament. Place enough toothpicks in hole of ornament to fill space.  Adhere toothpicks to ball; let dry.

15. Wrap gold wire around knitting needle or skinny pen five times to form coiled ring small enough to cover toothpicks. Cut off excess wire.

16. Use craft knife to make small “x” cut into fabric over dot on cone. Insert toothpicks into spiral wire and push into dot in fabric, leaving about 1/4” space between head and body.

17. To form angel halo, double wrap wire around any round 1-1/2” object (such as a glue bottle). Slide wire off container. Make 45-degree bend in excess wire, leaving a 2-1/2” tail. Smooth out any kinks in wire circle.

18. Wrap opposite wire end around bend and cut off excess.

19. Push wire stem into cone behind angel’s head.

20. For angel arms, cut 8” wire length. Stick wire through cone, 1/4” below neck, leaving equal amount of wire on each side.  Bend wire to form angled arms.

21. Stick wire ends through ornamental Christmas sprig and loop ends.

22. Insert one headpin through each pearl. To attach wings on angel back, position one pearl at top of wings and push pearl headpin into cone. Place remaining pearl headpins at middle and at bottom to secure wings in place.

by The Domestic Diva (www.domestic-divaonline.com) for The Testor Corporation (www.testors.com)