Handmade Snowflake Polymer Clay Pendant

Sparkling Swarovski Elements, shimmering Sculpey Premo! Accents pendant, and shining Beadalon silver-toned chains combine to create an idyllically icy and frosty necklace sure to impress.

Whether you are a polymer clay pro, or you have never worked with it but find the medium interesting, this technique is fun and the project is beautiful once completed. So if you find the Winter Blues are getting you down, try giving them a reason to make you shine!!! This is a great time of year to start learning a new craft and or new crafting technique.


  • Beadalon Round Twist Light Solid Ring
  • Beadalon Non-Tarnish Silver Artistic Wire, 18-gauge
  • Beadalon silver findings: chain, lobster clasp, head pins; silver triangular connectors, two
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicones & Pearls, in assorted sizes and colors (approx. 12)
  • Polyform Sculpey Pearl Premo! Accents Clay


  • Impression Obsession Winter Seals
  • PolyformSculpey: Clay Conditioning Machine, Premo! Sculepy Round Crinkle Cutter, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Glossy Glaze
  • Ranger Ink Adirondack Denim Alcohol Ink
  • Hand drill and small drill bit
  • Beadalon: Wire Snips, Round-Nose Pliers, Chain-Nose Pliers
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven



1 Use clay conditioning machine to condition Pearl clay. Roll through to #1 thickness.

2 Place conditioned clay on parchment-lined baking sheet. Stamp image of snowflake on clay. Center Round Crinkle Cutter around image; press down firmly to cut clay.

Bake stamped disc according to manufacturer’s instructions in oven. While disc cools, mix dime-sized amount of Liquid Sculpey with one drop of Denim alcohol ink. Mix thoroughly.

4 Once clay is cool, apply tinted mixture to top surface of stamped disc making sure to fill in crevices fully, coating top surface with thin layer of mixture. Bake again following manufacturer’s instructions.

5 Once clay is cool, sand top surface to remove excess tint and highlight stamped image. Use small drill bit to drill tiny hole in top edge of pendant. Seal pendant with Glossy Glaze. Set aside to dry.


1 Use chain-nose pliers to create three lengths of chain 3” long. Remove one link from one, and two links from another, to create two chain pieces slightly shorter than first. Use pliers to open one link on each end; place through loop on top loop on triangular connectors. Repeat for second set of chain ends. Cut two lengths of chain 7” long and attach to single top loops on triangular connectors.

2 On end of one chain, attach lobster clasp. Open end link of second chain; attach twist solid ring and close link.

3 Pass one 4mm bicone crystal onto head pin followed by one 8mm bicone crystal. Use chain-nose pliers to bend at end. Use wire snips to snip head pin to about 3/8”. Use round-nose pliers to create loop at top of head pin. Use chain-nose pliers to twist open loop; attach to chain and twist to close.

4 Repeat Step 3 using assorted sizes and colors of crystals and pearls as shown. Attach to chain as shown.

5 Use Silver Artistic Wire and dowel to create two jump rings. Use same wire and round-nose pliers to create “S” ring as shown. Use chain-nose pliers to twist open each jump ring. Thread one jump ring through pendant and bottom of “S” ring; twist closed. Thread second jump ring through center of bottom chain and top of “S” ring; twist closed.


  • Try using various colors of ink and different types of stamp images when creating pendant for a wonderful variety suited to any style and taste.

by Keri Lee Sereika (www.pinklemonade.typepad.com)

Elegant Jewelry Set

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Silver and sparkles make this set classy and sophisticated. It’s easy to make and stresses basic crimping techniques.


  • Glass beads: gray pearls, 8mm, 11; clear firepolish, 6mm, 20
  • Beadalon 49 Professional Series Bead Stringing Wire, .018mm, 1 yard
  • Beadalon Silver Crimp Beads: 1.3mm, 36; 1.5mm, two
  • Beadalon Silver Findings: Lobster Clasp; Extension Chain, 2″ length; Head Pins, two; Ear Wires, two


  • Crimping tool
  • Wire nippers
  • Round-nose pliers

Basic Supplies




Necklace, 18″ long; Earrings, 1″ long


1. Cut wire length in half. Holding lengths together, string 1.5mm crimp bead. Thread wire ends through clasp and back through crimp bead. Use crimping tool to tighten crimp bead to secure.

2. String 1.3mm crimp bead, 1″ from one wire end. Use crimping tool to tighten crimp bead. String beads as follows: clear, gray, clear, 1.3mm crimp. Tighten crimp bead.

3. String 1.3mm crimp bead, 2-3⁄4″ from other wire end. String beaded sections, 2-3⁄4″ apart on both strands.

4. Holding strands together, string remaining 1.5mm crimp bead, 1″ from last beaded section. Thread wire ends through extension chain and back through crimp bead. Tighten crimp bead.


1. String one gray and one clear bead onto head pin. Use round-nose pliers to bend loop after clear bead; trim wire. Attach loop to ear wire.

2. Repeat for remaining earring.

by Katie Hacker

Girlfriend Charm Bracelet

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Give a girlfriend a fun, fashionable gift that also celebrates your friendship. Charm bracelets are easy to make and popular for women of all ages to wear.


  • Silver charm bracelet, 7″ long
  • Silver/pink/green girlfriend-themed charms, nine
  • Glass beads, size E, 20 each: pink, green
  • Silver jump rings, 8mm, 29


  • Chain-nose pliers or jump ring opener 



Attach each charm to a jump ring. Attach jump rings evenly-spaced to bracelet links.


String two pink beads onto jump ring; repeat nine times.


Attach one beaded jump ring to second bracelet link, then connect beaded jump ring to link on right side of each charm.


String two green beads onto jump ring; repeat nine times. Attach beaded jump ring to link on left side of each charm.

by Katie Hacker