Fall & Halloween Floral Décor

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Use Xyron adhesives to transform a plain papier-mâché box into seasonal décor that works not only for beautiful autumn days, but also for spooktacular Halloween night!


  • Papier-mâché box, 5”x5”x5-1/2”
  • Floral foam, 2”x4”x4”
  • Silk flower bunches: autumn mums/sunflowers, black roses
  • Orange berry stem
  • Halloween-themed 6”x6” paper pad
  • Coordinating Halloween-themed cardstock title
  • Orange glitter cardstock
  • Assorted metal mini gears, five
  • Black zipper rose with jeweled center, 2-3/4”
  • Black felt trim, 1/2” wide


  • Xyron Double-Sided High Tack Tape, 1/2”
  • Xyron High Tack Adhesive Dots: 3/16”, 3/8”
  • Xyron Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit
  • Die-cutting system and jumbo flourish die

Basic Supplies

paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pencil, glue gun and sticks, wire cutters





Use glue gun to adhere floral foam into bottom of box.


Cut four 5”x5-1/2” sheet music paper panels to cover box sides.


Apply four strips of Xyron 1/2” Double-Sided High Tack Tape to each face of box along edges. Remove liners from first side of box and press paper panel to surface. Repeat to cover all sides.


Cut four 5”x1” damask paper strips. Adhere strips around sides of box, very slightly above center, using Xyron 1/2” Double-Sided High Tack Tape.


Apply continuous line of Xyron 1/4” Double-Sided High Tack Tape from Xyron Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit around top edge of box. Press felt trim firmly to tape while wrapping box; trim ends to just meet.


For autumn side of box, cut four 1” squares from orange text paper. Using Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots, adhere mini gears to squares as shown. Adhere gear squares to damask strip using Foam Squares from Xyron Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit.


For Halloween side of box, die cut flourish from orange glitter cardstock; adhere to box as shown using Xyron 3/16” High Tack Adhesive Dots. Mat cardstock title on orange glitter cardstock; adhere layers together using Xyron 1/2” Double-Sided High Tack Tape. Adhere title to box using Foam Squares from Xyron Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit. Adhere zipper rose to box using several Xyron 3/8” High Tack Adhesive Dots. (Note: If weight of rose pulls it away from box, reattach rose using glue gun.)


To display autumn side of box, insert mums into foam. To display Halloween side of box, remove mums and insert berry stem and black roses. Check fit; trim stem ends of floral bunches as needed using wire cutters before inserting back into foam.


  • Unlike other double-sided liner tapes, Xyron Double-Sided High Tack Tape can be torn by hand and quickly applied to a variety of surfaces, saving you time.

by Xyron, Inc. (www.xyron.com)

Spring Tulip Centerpiece

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Blooming tulips are a sure sign of spring! Bring the season indoors with this easy-to-make floral centerpiece.


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam: wreath, 12” diameter; disc, 8” diameter
  • Silk Flowers: yellow tulips, four stems; purple grape hyacinth, five stems; lavender lilac, four stems; white lily of the valley, five clusters; pussy willow, nine stems; pink wax flower, one stem
  • Artificial greenery: variegated ivy, four stems; medium leaves, 12
  • Green sheet moss
  • Sponge mushrooms, two
  • Bulb with foliage, 11” tall
  • Small bird’s nest
  • Small bird eggs, 1/2” long, two
  • Yellow mushroom birds, 2-1/2” long, two
  • Yellow plaid ribbon, 1-1/4” wide, 3 yds.
  • Green felt, 9”x12”


  • Floral wire
  • Floral U-pins
  • Wooden floral picks, 3” long, six
  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, ruler, wire cutters



18” tall


(Note: Apply glue to all stems before inserting into arrangement. Use photo as guide throughout.)

1. For base, trace disc onto felt; cut out. Remove plastic veins from leaves. Adhere leaves to disc around sides, overlapping disc at top and bottom edges. Adhere felt circle to bottom of disc over leaves.

2. Cover wreath with moss, wrapping with wire to secure. Attach wreath to base with U-pins and picks; adhere to secure.

3. Insert six pussy willow stems diagonally into disc at front of wreath base. Insert remaining pussy willow stems in same way behind wreath, extending 20” above base.

4. Insert tulips in front and back of wreath. Adhere the following: mushrooms (slightly overlapped) to lower right side of wreath; bulb to bottom mushroom; purple hyacinth stems to bulb; nest to top mushroom; one bird in front of nest; moss and eggs inside nest.

5. Cut a 6” and 24” length from ribbon. Adhere 6” length to top right side of wreath as shown. Make bow from 24” length; adhere to lower back side of wreath. Tie remaining ribbon into multi-loop bow and adhere to lower left front of wreath. Trim ribbon ends in “V” shape. Adhere remaining bird to top of wreath near ribbon.

6. Fill in space around bows with ivy, lily of the valley, and wax flower stems. Insert and adhere lilac stems into lower right side of wreath in front and back. Adhere moss to arrangement as needed to conceal glue.


  • After covering wreath with moss, spray moss with watered down green acrylic paint to brighten color.

by Edwin R. Smith

Watercolor Coffee Filter Roses

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


You can create these gorgeous watercolor roses in any shade. Each one is made from four inexpensive coffee filters, then painted with Sakura of America Koi watercolor paints.


  • Sakura of America Koi Watercolors (tube)
  • Cone coffee filters, four per rose
  • Printer paper
  • Floral wire, 20-gauge
  • Green floral tape


  • Paintbrush
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue stick

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, ruler, bamboo skewer, measuring spoon, newspaper (to cover work surface), poster board (optional), hair dryer (optional)


(Note: This project was inspired by a project on the Martha Stewart Show, but has been simplified.)

Making Roses

1. Print two copies of patterns onto printer paper. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print patterns.) To create sturdy pattern templates, use glue stick to adhere one set of patterns to poster board before cutting out pieces on black lines. Keep second set of patterns intact to use as placement guides.

2. Place petal shapes onto four coffee filters as shown. Trace petals and lightly number with pencil near base. Cut out petals, cutting through both layers of coffee filter. (Note: Because coffee filters are thin, several filters may be cut at once to save time; be sure filters are facing the same direction and keep numbered pieces together in plastic cups or bags for future use.)

3. For each flower, cut seven 2-1/2” lengths of floral tape; set aside. Cut 15” wire length for stem.

4. To assemble rose, begin with petal #1. Poke wire down between right-hand petals until 5” length extends above petals. Loop wire tip around and poke back down through base of right-hand petals. Pinch loop slightly and gently tug wire down to secure first petal and prevent it from sliding up and down stem.

5. Fold right-hand petal inward and roll to coil entire piece around stem. Secure base of petal with shorter end of wire.

6. Add petal #2 in same way. Poke wire down between right-hand petals. Arrange petals so they fill empty spaces between first petals. Roll and secure with piece of floral tape. When applying tape, stretch piece while pulling to get good, tight hold around base.

7. Add petal #3 in same way as petal #2.

8. Petal #4 needs to be separated first. Gently tear along bottom of petal to make flat strip, then wrap strip around rose and secure with tape.

9. Get two #5 petals and two #6 petals. (Note: Since these petals weren’t cut on fold, there are two of each one.) Fan out four pieces like a hand of cards. Place rose in center and wrap petals around rose. Secure base with tape.

10. Repeat Step 9 using two #7 and two #8 petals.

11. If desired, wrap entire stem in floral tape for more realistic look.

12. Starting with outer petals, fan out petals, bending gently backward from base.

Painting Roses

1. Blend small amount of paint with approximately one tablespoon of water on palette. Paint petals, starting at center and working outward. (Note: To save time, dip entire rose in base color rather than applying with brush.)

2. Add second color while rose is still wet. This color needs to be more concentrated than first color; add water to paint with brush rather than tablespoon. Run tip of brush along edge of each petal to deposit color.

3. Hang rose upside down over protected surface; hanging preserves shape of petals. Allow rose to dry for at least three hours; to speed drying, use hair dryer on low setting.

4. Once rose is dry, shape petals by placing skewer behind petal and rolling petal backward.


by Maureen Wilson of MadeByMarzipan.com for Sakura of America

Autumn Centerpiece

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day

Become your own personal florist – it’s easier than you think. Impress family and friends by making this beautiful autumn centerpiece this Thanksgiving season.


  • Dow STRYOFOAM Brand Foam Disc, 2″x8″
  • Silk autumn leaves bush
  • Silk mum and berry bush
  • Autumn fruit and gourd picks, three
  • Glass candleholder, 5-1⁄2″ diameter., 8″ tall
  • Spice-scented candle, 4″ tall
  • Glass floral beads, small bag
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue


  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors


Centerpiece Base

1. Cut foundation foliage to 8″ lengths. Dip ends in glue and insert into side of disc, facing to the right and rotating disc counter-clockwise as you insert foliage. Leave room in center of disc for placement of glass candleholder.

2. Cut flowers into 5″ lengths, dip ends in glue, and insert at various positions within foliage.

3. Dip pick ends in glue and insert at equal intervals throughout.

4. Let dry for two hours. Fluff foliage for a more natural look.


1. Gently place glass beads in bottom of candleholder.

2. Insert candle and place holder in center of base. (Note: Never leave lit candles unattended.)


Substitute the candleholder and candle with a jar candle. You’ll find so many great color and scents!

by Barb Sunderlage