Walkway Lights

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day

Create a spooky entrance for trick-or-treaters while safely lighting the pathway to your door. It’s quick, simple, and can be ready in time for Halloween night!


  • Orange game cones, four (purchased at dollar store)
  • Battery-operated tea lights, four


  • Paintbrush
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Black marker

Basic Supplies

newspaper (to cover work surface)



Print and cut out patterns. (Note: The blue word “patterns” is a link. To access these patterns, select the link, then download and print.) Trace around pattern pieces to transfer designs onto cones using black marker.


On covered work surface, paint designs black. For pumpkin, paint outline and details only. Let dry.


Insert battery-operated tea light under cone.


  • Use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to add details or paint in designs!
  • Create fun “witch hats” by painting cones black and adding glow-in-the-dark highlights!

by Pam Sicely

Candy Corn Wind Chime

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day

Welcome guests with this “corny” character to show off your Halloween spirit.


  • White craft foam, 1⁄4” thick, 9”x12” sheet
  • Wind chimes, 6” long
  • Wooden mushroom plug, 1⁄2” diameter
  • Elastic string


  • Plastic-canvas needle
  • Zig Woodcraft Markers, 6mm: Pumpkin, Yellow, Teal Metallic; 0.5 mm, Black
  • White acrylic paint
  • Transfer paper

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, ruler, wax paper (to cover work surface), small round paintbrush



Print and cut out pattern, cutting along dashed line. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Omitting face and chime-placement dots, trace pattern onto craft foam; cut out.


On covered word surface, use Yellow marker to fill in front and edges of center section of craft foam. Let dry thoroughly to prevent smudging. Fill in bottom section with Pumpkin marker; let dry.


Transfer facial details and chime placement dots to front of candy corn. Color pupils Teal Metallic and tongue Black. Use Pumpkin marker to color nose; let dry. When dry, adhere nose to face.


With white paint, fill in remaining eye areas, make highlight dot in each eye, and comma highlight on tongue and across top of nose.


Use Black marker to draw stitch lines around top edge of candy corn and across top and bottom edges of center section.


To attach chimes, cut four 8” lengths from elastic. Thread needle with one elastic length; do not knot ends. (See Figure 1.) Working from back, insert needle through one chime-placement dot, then through holes in one chime; reinsert needle back through same hole. Remove needle; pull elastic so ends are even at back. Do not tie ends together. Attach remaining chimes in the same way. Holding all elastic ends together, tie ends together in an overhand knot.

Figure 1 – Side View


For hanger, cut an 8” length from elastic. Thread needle with elastic; do not knot ends. Insert needle 1/4” from center top of candy corn. Remove needle, leaving one end of elastic in hole; pull elastic so ends are even at back. Tie ends together in knot.

by Lisa Weber

A Fun Halloween Craft And Memories Too! What Could Be Better?

In between the costume preparation, visits to the pumpkin patch, enjoying fall celebrations and carving those pumpkins, I am always interested in making new memories together with my children while creating kids Halloween crafts.

Jill Cornell here today with a fun Halloween craft you can do with your kids and a “spooky” way to dress it up when you are finished. Creating animals and other creatures using footprints and handprints make for wonderful keepsakes capturing a moment in time when your children are little. This project was just published in the October 17th edition of Crafts ‘n things Weekly.

I had a great time creating these spooky ghosts with my daughters. Take a look….

I simply cut black cardstock to 8”x10” so it could fit in a wooden frame and then painted my girls’ feet with white acrylic paint. Then we stamped their feet and allowed the project to dry. (This is also a great project to duplicate for grandparents and other family members). Here we are working on the stamping.

When the ghosts were dry, we added googly eyes using glue dots and then I drew around the edge of the cardstock with a white gel pen and added the date. I also labeled each ghost with little alphabet stickers.

I then took a plain wooden frame and painted it black, then added crackle medium and went over it with white paint. I added “Boo” with a couple different sticker fonts and adhered a border sticker at the top of the frame.

Then I cut a couple pieces of cheesecloth and glued with a hot glue gun. One of the pieces I tied off with a piece of twine and then added a patterned paper “curtain” of sorts. To distress the cheesecloth, I cut it up a little bit and then rubbed black ink on it.


This was a super fun, quick, easy project to add a little personal touch in my Halloween decorating, and the girls love looking at their ghosts too! Try making a ghost family with your entire family!

Jill Cornell from Blessed Scrapper (www.jillcornell.blogspot.com)