Straw Flowers

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Kids, surprise Mom this Mother’s Day with a special garden of flowers to let her know how much you care!


  • 2-1⁄2” clay pot
  • 2” plastic-foam ball
  • Crazy straw in choice of color
  • 3-1⁄4” pre-cut craft foam flower and flower center in choice of color
  • Green felt, scrap
  • 1⁄2 cup of deer moss


  • Thick craft glue
  • Acrylic Paint in color of choice (optional)

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, ruler


(Note: Materials listed are for one flower.)

1. Press plastic-foam ball into bottom of pot, securing firmly in place. Adhere deer moss to top of foam ball. Let dry.

2. Adhere flower center to flower. Adhere 1” of top end of straw to back of assembled flower.

3. Freehand cut leaves from green felt and adhere to each side of straw as desired.

4. Insert bottom of straw into center of moss and foam ball.


  • For extra pizazz, paint flower pots in bright colors!

by Julie Streapy

Mosaic Flower Key Holder

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Forget grout and breaking tiles as in traditional mosaics! This key holder is easy enough for even a beginner. Mom will surely be amazed at your gift this Mother’s Day!


  • Wood frame (with glass), 8″x10″ opening
  • Sheet glass, 8″x10″
  • Diamond Tech Jennifer’s Mosaic Stained Glass Chips: green, blue, yellow, white
  • Blue ribbon, 7/8”, 25” length
  • Metal hinges, 3-1/2”, two
  • White porcelain doorknob, 1″
  • Gold cup hooks, 1″, three
  • Screw eyes, 1″, two


  • Acrylic paints: light blue, white
  • Glass nippers or hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Aleene’s Glass & Bead Adhesive

Basic Supplies

ruler, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface)



Remove glass from frame. Basecoat frame mixture of light blue and white and hinges blue. Print pattern. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.)


Use nippers or hammer to carefully break glass chips into assorted sizes. Position pattern underneath glass. Adhere chips to areas as follows, leaving small space between each: blue flower; green leaves; yellow center of flower; white background. Accent background with blue and green chips as desired.


Use hammer to attach hinges to frame, leaving 2″ between. Screw doorknob, hooks, and screw eyes into frame. Refer to photo for placement.


Place sheet glass over mosaic design; place glass in frame. (Note: Sheet glass is needed to ensure safety from glass chips.)


For hanger, thread ribbon through screw eyes; tie bow.

by Frances Lopez for Duncan Enterprises

Woven Basket

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


You can never have enough baskets! Not only are they stylish and versatile, they’ll help organize your clutter. This simple weaving technique is a quick-and-easy way to create a variety of baskets for Mom this Mother’s Day for all her storage needs.


  • Wire-mesh basket
  • Coordinating fabrics, three prints or solids


  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive



Tear 1″-wide fabric strips to fit around basket. Weave alternating strips through basket holes; adhere ends at back.


Apply glue to one inside edge of two strips; fold strips in half. Wrap folded strip around basket rim; adhere ends.


Wrap two fabric strips around handles; adhere ends. Weave one strip through top, center side of basket; tie bow. Repeat on opposite side.

by Madeline Arendt

Mother’s Day Photo Frame

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Kids, create this easy-to-make frame for Mom with a memorable picture of yourself! 


  • White craft foam, 1 sheet
  • Felt: dark pink, light pink, green
  • Recycled plastic berry basket
  • Pink rick rack, 1/2” wide, 4” length


  • Thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

paper, pencil, scissors, pinking shears, ruler, adhesive tape, stapler



Print and cut out patterns. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Follow directions on patterns. Use pinking shears to trim flower edges.


For frame, cut 4-1⁄2” x 5-1⁄2” piece from foam. Center and trace window on frame 1-1⁄2” from top. Cut out window. (Note: For ease in cutting, cut small “X” in center of window and work your way to edges.) Cut 1-1⁄4”x6” strip from foam for frame stand. Staple short ends of strip together, overlapping edges 3⁄4”. Staple or adhere loop to back center of frame, 1⁄4” from bottom edge. See Figure 1.


To decorate the frame, see photo. Cut 3-1⁄2” length from rick rack. Adhere rick rack to bottom of awning; trim edges. Adhere awning to frame above window. For window box, see photo to cut section from basket approximately 1-1⁄8” x 3-3⁄4”. Trim window box as shown; adhere to center bottom of frame. Adhere flowers side-by-side above window box. For flower centers, cut three 3⁄8” wide circles; adhere to center of flowers. Adhere leaves to window box as shown.


For Mother’s Day greeting, cut 1”x1-1⁄2” piece from paper. Write greeting on paper and adhere to frame. Tape photo to back of frame.

by Linda Bloomgren

Tuscan Candleholder

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home with the rich tones of this Tuscan candleholder. Or, gift this easy-to-make slice of Mediterranean décor to Mom as the perfect Mother’s Day present.


  • Clay pot and saucer
  • DecoArt Texture Stucco
  • DecoArt Acrylic Paints: Americana Lamp Black, Dazzling Metallics Champagne Gold
  • DecoArt Texture Stencils by Tracy Moreau Brocade & Berry Borders
  • Candles


  • DecoArt Palette Knife
  • Royal & Langnickel Paintbrushes: Royal Aqualon Glaze/Wash, Series 2700, 3/4”; Sable Standard Handle Fan Blender, Series 5030, #2
  • Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

newspaper (to cover work surface)



Let dry between steps.


1. Place clay pot upside down on covered work surface. Position Berry Border stencil on clay pot.

2. Use palette knife to apply Texture Stucco on open areas of stencil. To remove stencil, hold one end of stencil down with fingers and carefully lift opposite end.

3. Repeat stenciling around pot. Wash stencil immediately.

4. Use glaze/wash brush to paint pot and saucer Lamp Black.

5. Use fan blender brush to drybrush pot and saucer Champagne Gold.

6. Adhere saucer to pot as shown. Place candles on saucer.

by Eve Leder

Earthly Angel Pillow

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Show mom just how special she is this Mother’s Day with a one-of-a-kind crafted gift. This easy-to-sew pillow can be created in a variety of colors and fabrics, so make an angel that looks just like Mom, right down to a dress in her favorite color.


  • Cotton fabric, 45” wide: tan, 3/8 yd.; flesh-tone, scraps; medium brown print, 1/8 yd.; black print, 1/8 yd.; green print, 1/8 yd.; blue and blue/tan plaid, scraps
  • Lightweight cotton batting, scraps
  • Pillow form, 12” square
  • Fabric and Battenburg lace doilies, 3”, four
  • Off-white piping, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Light blue satin ribbon, 1/8”-wide, 1/4 yd.
  • Embroidery floss: black, blue, dark brown, flesh, gold, green, off-white.
  • Flat-backed buttons in colors of choice: 1/2” diameter, six; mottled brown, 5/8” diameter, four


  • Air-soluble marker
  • Pellon Wonder-Under Lightweight Fusible Web Adhesive
  • Optional: red acrylic paint; 1/4” stencil brush, tea bags, saucepan

Basic Supplies

scissors, pinking shears, pencil, ruler, transparent tape, sewing machine, matching threads, straight pins, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, iron, pressing cloth, paper towel


Prepare and Cut Fabrics

1. Wash and dry fabrics. For small pieces of fabric, it is best to wash by hand and let air dry to prevent tangling. Press fabrics.

2. For center panel, cut an 8-1/2” square from tan fabric. For border, cut four 2-1/2”x8-1/2” strips from medium brown. For corners, cut four 2-1/2” squares from black.

3. If desired, tea-dye doilies for a vintage look. To tea dye, fill saucepan half full with water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat; add one or two tea bags for each cup of water used. (Note: The more tea used, the darker the final color.) Let tea bags steep for 15 minutes; remove tea bags and stir. Place doilies into tea, stirring fabric occasionally. Check every five minutes until desired color is achieved. Remove fabric from tea; squeeze out excess liquid. Line dry or place in dryer with old towel (to absorb the tea). Press doilies. Wipe out dryer before drying other items.

4. For appliqués, print and cut out patterns, cutting along dashed lines; set lettering pattern aside. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Trace outlines of remaining patterns onto paper side of iron-on adhesive, omitting halo on hair pattern and flower stems on grass pattern. For wings, trace one wing and one reverse onto paper side of adhesive. Cut out appliqués just outside traced lines; remove paper backing.

5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse iron-on appliqués to wrong sides of following fabrics: hair to medium brown; dress to blue; face and legs to flesh-tone; shoes to black; grass to green; wings to cotton batting. Cut out appliqués on traced lines, using pinking shears to cut top edge of grass.

6. If desired, drybrush angel’s cheeks with red acrylic paint. To drybrush, dip brush into paint and wipe on paper towel until almost dry. Apply paint to cheeks in a circular motion.

Center Panel

1. Using lettering pattern and air-soluble marker, trace pattern onto right side of center panel. The “E” in “Earthly” should begin 5/8” from left edge and 9/16” from top edge of center panel.

2. Using photo as guide, position appliqués on right side of center panel and pin in place as follows: grass (side and bottom edges should be even with panel side and bottom edges), shoes, legs, dress, face, hair, and wings. (Note: Dotted lines on patterns show where a pattern piece is overlapped by another piece. For example, legs are overlapped by shoes and dress; wings are overlapped by hair and dress; etc.) When pleased with arrangement, use iron and pressing cloth to fuse appliqués to center panel.

3. In same way as lettering, use patterns to transfer remaining details to center panel: halo, facial features, dress details, line to divide legs, line to divide shoes, and flower stems.

4. (Note: Use three strands of floss for blanket stitching, one strand for hair bangs, and two strands for all other embroidery.) With matching floss, blanket stitch around outside edges of hair, wings, dress, legs, and shoes. In addition, blanket stitch lines dividing legs and shoes, working stitches toward the left. For grass, blanket stitch along top edge; stitches should begin between pinked points and end approximately 1/4” from top of grass.

5. With dark brown floss, stem stitch lettering and hair bangs. With green floss, stem stitch flower stems. With gold floss, stem stitch halo. With blue floss, stem stitch arm lines on dress. With black floss, straight stitch eyes.

6. For apron, use pinking shears to cut a 1-3/4”x2-3/4” rectangle from blue/tan fabric. Sew a gathering stitch along one long edge of apron, 1/4” from edge. Gather apron to measure 1-1/4”-wide at gathering. Pin apron to dress; gathering stitch should be even with dashed line shown on pattern. Sew apron to dress using blue floss and stem stitch.

7. From satin ribbon, tie a 1” wide two-loop bow with tails; trim tails even. Tack bow to center neck of dress. With off-white floss, sew to top of each flower stem one button in color of choice.

Assemble Pillow Front

1. (Note: Sew with right sides facing in 1/4” seams. Press seams outward away from center panel.) Sew one border strip to left side and one to right side of center panel. Sew corner blocks to ends of remaining border strips. Sew assembled corners/borders to top and bottom of center panel.

2. Using photo as guide, pin doilies to corner blocks; outer edges of doilies will extend over edges of pillow front. Trim doilies even with edges of pillow front. Sew doilies to pillow front using matching thread. With dark brown floss, blanket stitch around center fabric edge of each doily; stitches should point toward center of pillow. With off-white floss, sew one 5/8” diameter brown button to fabric corner of each doily.


1. Beginning and ending in a bottom corner, sew piping around pillow front, 1/4” from edge. Clip piping seam at corners as you work, to round edges.

2. For pillow back, cut a 12-1/2” square from remaining tan fabric. Sew pillow front to pillow back along piping seams, leaving a 10” opening at bottom for turning and stuffing. Trim corners; turn right side out. Insert pillow form into opening. Hand sew opening closed.


  • To trace pattern in reverse, tape pattern to window during daylight hours, right side of pattern facing window. Position adhesive over pattern and trace.

Add Your Own Touch . . .

  • Create a treasured keepsake from packed-away baby clothes.
  • Use flower-shaped decorative buttons instead of round buttons.
  • Extend the lines of the angel’s dress, leave off the apron, legs, and shoes, and appliqué several angels onto a tree skirt or table runner for the holidays.

by Mary Ayres

Happy Mother’s Day


Today, I am sharing a Mother’s Day card made for my mother-in-law. I was playing with my sprays and decided to create a shimmery background.

1. Make dark brown top-fold card. Cut slightly smaller white cardstock mat; distress edges with distressing tool. Set pieces aside

2. Working on non-stick craft sheet, spray second sheet of white cardstock using yellow, green, and blue shimmery sprays. Let dry completely.

3. Use excess spray ink on craft sheet to dye seam binding ribbon to match. Let dry.

4. Follow diagram above to stamp Coffee butterflies randomly over background paper. Color images with STAEDTLER watercolor pencils. Start with one color and then apply second color. Blend with water brush; let dry. Highlight images with white gel pen; let dry.

5. Add shading around butterflies with brown or gray tones. Soften with water brush.

6. Sprinkle white spray across surface to add white spots; let dry.

7. Sprinkle Goosebumps spray across surface to add look of water drops; let dry.

8. Trim panel to fit card, slightly smaller than white mat. Distress edges and sponge with Toffee ink. Adhere panel and mat to card front.

9. Stamp sentiment near one edge of remaining misted background sheet using Coffee ink. Trim sentiment into small tag; distress edges and sponge with Toffee ink. Mat tag on dark brown cardstock. Punch hole in left end of tag; thread with brown twine.

10. Tie seam binding into loopy bow. Adhere bow and flowers to card. Tie tag to ribbon; adhere to card.


  • STAEDTLER Watercolor Pencils
  • Stamps: Hero Arts PapillonsOld French Writing; Stampendous! Happy Mother’s Day
  • Petaloo Premier Spring Darjeeling Collection Seaside Mini Daisies w/Leaves
  • Tattered Angels Chalkboard Spray: Teal High Heel, Sprout, Decadence
  • Heidi Swapp Dijon Color Shine Spray
  • Studio Calico Mister Huey Opaque White Color Mist
  • Tsukineko Goosebumps Clear Texture Spray
  • Ranger Ink Pads: Archival Coffee, VersaFine Toffee
  • Paper distressing tool
  • Water brush
  • Ranger Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool and Foam
  • Small hole punch
  • Brown twine

Happy Stamping!

Suzanne Czosek from Suzz’s Stamping Spot (

Miniature Flower Quilt Sampler Box & Brooch

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Cross-stich this beautiful flower quilt sampler box or a quick-and-easy brooch as a unique gift for Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day.


  • Zweigart 32-count White Lugana (box)
  • DMC 18-count White Aida (brooch)
  • Wooden box of choice, 6”x6”
  • Dritz Flat Button Form, 1-1/8”, Size 45
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • White lace, 1/2” wide
  • Pin back


  • Needle
  • Craft glue

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: 1 strand
  • Cross-stitch: 2 strands
  • French Knot: 1 strand (wrapped two times)

Basic Supplies



Size / Stitch Count

Approximate finished size: box, 4”x4”; brooch, 1”x1”. Stitch Count: box, 63 w x 63 h; brooch, 15 w x 15 h


1. Print cross-stitch chart and key. (Note: The blue words “chart” and “key” are links. To access these, select the link, then download and print items.)

2. Stitch design centered on fabric over two threads.

3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to place project in box opening.


1. Using only heart design from chart, stitch design on 18-count Aida.

2. Following manufacturer’s instructions for button form, cut fabric to size and form.

3. Sew gathering stitch along long edge of lace. Adhere gathered edge of lace to back edges of finished button

4. Adhere pin back to button form.


  • Sudberry House ( offers a complete line of products to display your cross-stitch creations. Instead of a box, try this design on a small tray, a trivet, or even a stylish key rack.

by Gail Bussi

Gift Card Ideas for the Ladies

Welcome to the Crafts ‘n things Blog. Before we get started with the project today, it is time to announce the winners of the two $25 Inspired by Stamping Gift Cards!

The two winners as selected by are Emerald Perez and Barbara MacAskill! Thank you to everyone for all your kind comments. Emerald and Barbara, please contact Joanna ( to claim your prize!

As we get closer to May and June, many of us are sure to need gifts for the ladies in our lives. We may need a Mother’s Day gift, a wedding shower gift, or a graduation gift.

I made a card with a removable bookmark tag, but you can also add a gift card! The recipient can remove the gift card from the tag and still use the bookmark!

Tuck the bookmark and gift card into a decorated library card pocket.

Use stamped sentiments in a reading theme and attach a gift card to a local book store to the book mark. If you  have a friend or sister who loves tea or coffee, use tea-themed stamps and tuck a gift card to a local tea or coffee shop into the pocket.

Here is a look at the inside of the card where I stamped a reading-themed sentiment.

Supply List

  • Cardstock: American Crafts Coffee, Neenah Natural White
  • Designer paper: Graphic 45 A Ladies’ Diary Collection 8″x8″ Paper: Garden Stroll, Moment in Time, Fashion Plates, Ageless Beauty
  • Simple Stories Odds and Ends Memorabilia Pocket
  • Prima Fairy Belle Collection Flowers
  • My Favorite Things Well Read Stamp Set
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Graphic 45 Decades Dark Cashmere Antiquing Ink Pad
  • Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die-Cutting System
  • My Favorite Things Die-namics Fishtail Flag Stax Die 
  • Really Reasonable Ribbon Champagne Chevron Striped Twill
  • Large manila shipping tag
  • Bow Easy Bow-Making Tool
  • Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-tac Permanent Adhesive, 3M Scotch Brand ATG Tape Runner, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Foam Tape

Gloria Stengel from Scraps of Life (

Ribbon Tote Bag

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Doesn’t this bag just scream spring? This stylish tote is easy to make and the perfect accessory for any woman with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.


  • White canvas tote, 8-1/2″x10-1/2″
  • Ribbons, 2/3 yd. each: 1/4″ hot pink gingham; 7/8″ floral print, hot pink, hot pink dot, lime green dot (two lengths); 1-1/4″ pink dot
  • Lime green rick rack, 1/4″-wide, 2/3 yd.
  • Hot pink/lime green embroidered flower trim, 1/2 yd.


  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



Cut one each of floral print and hot pink ribbons to 23″ lengths. Cut two lime green dot ribbons to 23″ lengths. Cut one each of lime green rick rack, hot pink dot, pink dot, and hot pink gingham ribbons to 20″ lengths.


Adhere one lime green dot ribbon horizontally around tote, 1″ from top edge.


Starting below lime green dot ribbon, adhere pink dot ribbon vertically, 3″ from right side of bag; wrap around bottom and up back of tote to bottom edge of lime green dot ribbon. Adhere hot pink gingham ribbon vertically along pink dot ribbon left side. Adhere hot pink dot ribbon, then rick rack, in same way.


Adhere floral print ribbon horizontally, below lime green dot ribbon, and hot pink ribbon below floral. Tie remaining 23” lime green dot ribbon length into bow; trim ends diagonally. Adhere to tote as shown.


Cut two lengths of embroidered flower trim with five flowers each; adhere to front and back of tote along hot pink ribbon.


  • Substitute flower appliqués or silk flowers for the embroidered floral trim.
  • For a larger or smaller tote, measure around bag in both directions and add 2″ to measurements for ribbon lengths.

by Ann Krier