Take Time to Laugh Bowl & Mug

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Steer away those mid-winter sniffles with a steaming mug of homemade soup served along with a friendly reminder to enjoy the lighter side of life.


  • Ceramic items: bowl, 7” diameter; mug with saucer, 3-3/4” tall
  • Plaid Apple Barrel Gloss Paints: Black, Beachcomber Beige, Mossy Green, Deep Purple, White


  • Paintbrushes: round brush, flat brush
  • Plaid Bottle Top Tip Writers (30728)

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, transfer paper, paper plate (for palette)



Wash and dry ceramic items. Print and cut out pattern. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Transfer vine pattern randomly around bottom of bowl and on mug.


Use round brush to paint the following: vines and leaves Mossy Green, berries on vines mix Deep Purple + White (1:1). Use flat brush to paint checkered border around bowl and saucer rims with Black and Beachcomber Beige.


Following manufacturer’s instructions, use bottle top tip writer and Black to free-hand paint lettering. Lightly spatter paint mug, saucer, and bowl with Black.


For increased durability, set can be baked in the oven. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on paint bottles.

Other Options

  • Use fabric paint to make a matching set of place mats and napkins.
  • Paint design on a vase for matching centerpiece.

by Kirsten Jones