Celebrate National Sewing Month with Fiskars and WIN!

HAPPY NATIONAL SEWING MONTH, CRAFTERS! September is National Sewing Month and to celebrate, we’d like to invite you to post your favorite fabric projects to the new Community section of the Crafts ‘n things® website. You’ll need to register on the site; just click here and you’ll be on your way to sharing your favorite sewing projects with a community of creative souls just like you. While you’re there, click on the Newsletters tab to sign up for our free Craft of the Day emails, as well as notification when each new issue of Crafts ‘n things Weekly goes live. We don’t want you to miss a minute of crafting inspiration!

Join in the excitement this month by visiting great craft industry manufacturers like Fiskars®. They’ll be celebrating all month long on their website, as well as on Facebook and other social channels. They are running an Instagram/Facebook contest in September which features ways to find inspiration for your sewing projects. It promises to be lots of creative fun! You’ll also find loads of inspiration on the Fiskars site. The Fiskars design team is one of the best, and they always provide great project ideas and tips.

Fiskars has just released their new Amplify™ RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears, which were used to create the darling upcycled Denim Pocket Banner shown above. Here’s a link to the project.

Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears are designed to cut thick and heavy fabrics. These premium fabric shears feature ultra-sharp blades ideal for all-purpose cutting tasks. Perfect for a wide range of sewing and quilting tasks, the shears sense blade separation and force the blades back together to cut cleanly through heavy materials. This amazing innovation in scissors technology means that sewing and quilting enthusiasts can expand creative boundaries and work with more adventurous materials than ever before.

The shears are fantastic with denim, canvas, and a host of other heavy-duty fabrics. Here’s another fabulous project available on the Fiskars site; it’s a floor cushion made from a rug! Pricey floor cushions can cost $40 and up, even at discount stores, but you can now make your own from a $5 throw rug and a few everyday supplies. How cool is that?! Here’s a link.

For a chance to WIN a pair of the new 8” Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears for yourself, leave a comment on this post by September 29th at midnight PST telling us what current sewing project you’re working on. Limit one entry per visitor, please.

For an EXTRA CHANCE TO WIN, be sure to “Like” Fiskars on Facebook. Click here. Add “I liked Fiskars” to your blog comment and you’ll be entered twice. Two lucky winners will be announced on our blog on Monday, September 30th.

Retail value of the shears is $29.99 and they can be ordered now on the Fiskars site www.fiskars.com or purchased at JoAnn stores. Shears feature a protective sheath to keep the blades safe and the shears come with a lifetime warranty.  Softgrip® touchpoints enhance comfort and control. The Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears belong in every fabric crafter’s toolbox.

Good Luck and Happy Sewing!

Dawn Gehring, Crafts ‘n things Editorial Staff

Great Finds Friday: Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears

Welcome to Great Finds Friday! Today, I’d like to introduce you to a brand-new product from Fiskars, maker of the famous orange-handled scissors we all know and love. Now, Fiskars has married innovative Amplify™ technology to their unique design to create an amazing new line of tools for mixed-media crafters.

Fiskars Brands, Inc., has one of the most enduring histories in the craft industry. Established in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland. Yes, you read that correctly. . . 1649! To read more about their history, and their many modern achievements, visit their site. Learn how and why those famous handles got their color, too.

The “Original Orange-Handled Scissors” celebrated their 45th anniversary last year. First introduced in 1967, they provided the home seamstress and professional alike a lighter and more comfortable design.

In my home, and at Grandma’s house, they were known as “the good scissors” and were off-limits to the kids. I can’t tell you how grown-up I felt the first time I bought my own pair of orange-handled scissors. And I’ve guarded them with my life, just like Mom and Grandma.

I’m now the proud owner of several pairs of Fiskars scissors, including the new Amplify Mixed Media Shears. These premium shears are designed for cutting extra-thick mixed-media materials like chipboard, corkboard, canvas, vinyl, leather, magnet, and more.  They also cut fabric and ribbon, so I don’t have to switch scissors midway through a project.

Amplify Mixed Media Shears are available in three sizes for cutting in tight spaces (6”), all-purpose cutting (8”), and large-scale projects requiring long, clean cuts (10”). All shears include a sheath to protect the blades and all come with a lifetime warranty.

Here are photos of the 6” and 10” shears, as well as the protective sheath that comes with each pair. The sheath takes a little fine-motor coordination to remove, so little hands are less likely to come into contact with the blades, but they are very sharp and should be kept in a safe place.

Another thing that makes these shears so unique is that they sense blade separation as you’re cutting, and the design mechanism forces the blades back together to cut cleanly through thick materials. The tool does the work, saving strain on your hands and making every project more enjoyable to create.

Purchase Fiskars Amplify Shears at JoAnn Stores now, or on the Fiskars customer service page. Shears retail from $24.99 to $39.99 and come with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re a mixed-media crafter, you may never need to buy another pair of scissors.

Watch for more information about Fiskars Amplify shears, including an exciting announcement, in early September on the blog as we celebrate National Sewing Month.

Happy Crafting!

Dawn Gehring, Crafts ‘n things Editorial Staff