Cuddly Bunny

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After delivering all those chocolates and eggs, this bunny’s ready to relax – and let those long, floppy ears hang down! Quick-to-sew, he’s just the basket filler you’ve been looking for.


  • Cotton fabrics: white solid, 1⁄4 yard; light pink textured, 1⁄8 yard
  • Embroidery floss: grey, light pink
  • Bright pink grosgrain ribbon, 5⁄8” wide, 3⁄8 yard
  • White pom-pom, 2”
  • Fiberfill stuffing


  • Needle
  • Thread: bright pink, white

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, transfer paper, pencil



10″ tall


(Note: Sew with right sides together using 1⁄4” seams.)

1. Print pattern and cut fabric as indicated. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Transfer details to body front. Use light pink floss to satin stitch nose. Use grey to stem stitch legs, mouth, and around nose, and to straight stitch eyes and toenails. Tie ribbon into bow; trim ends even. Sew bow to body front at “X”.

2. Sew white and pink ear pieces together, leaving top end open for turning. Turn ears right side out. Baste top of ears to head, spaced 3⁄4” apart. (Note: Bottom of ears should face away from bunny.)

3. Sew body front to back, leaving 3” opening on side for turning. Turn body right side out and stuff firmly with fiberfill. Hand sew opening closed. Use invisible stitch to sew pom-pom to bottom right side of body. Turn pink side of ears outward at bottom.


Fill bottom 2⁄3 of bunny with beans or popcorn seeds and remainder with stuffing. Use bunny as a door stopper.

by Mary Ayres

Felt Chick Basket

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Who could resist creating this adorable Felt Chick Basket for Easter? Kids will love it, especially when filled with goodies on Easter morning!


  • Wool or regular felt: yellow, 3/8 yd.; white, 1/8 yd.; orange, scrap
  • Yellow netting, 1/8 yd.
  • DMC 6-Strand Embroidery Floss: Light Lavender Blue (3840), Lemon (307)
  • Cording, 1/4”, 14” length
  • Buttons (two-holed), two each: white, 3/4”; black, 1/2”; yellow, 1”
  • Light blue satin ribbon, 7/8”, 18” lengths, two
  • Easter grass


  • White fusible woven interfacing, 3/8 yd.
  • White sewing thread
  • Embroidery needle

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, straight pins, iron and pressing surface



11″ tall (with handle)


1. Print and cut out pattern. (Note: The blue word “pattern” is a link. To access this pattern, select the link, then download and print pattern.) Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse interfacing to yellow felt. Cut six pattern shapes from fused felt. With wrong sides facing, pin long edges together one at a time; use three strands Lemon floss to blanket stitch pieces together. Place basket bottom on flat surface and press down on inside to flatten bottom.

2. Cut 4”x50” yellow netting strip; fold in half lengthwise. Use Lemon floss to sew basting stitch close to folded edge; pull thread to gather until length measures 18”; knot to secure. Pin gathered edge around basket top, butting ends together on back side. Blanket stitch over top of basket and gathered edge of netting. Separate netting layers for fuller look.

3. For eyes, use white thread to sew black buttons on top of white buttons under netting on one panel. For beak, cut 2” orange felt square. Fold square diagonally just above center. To attach beak to basket, use six strands of Light Lavender Blue floss to make two evenly-spaced French knots for nostrils, wrapping floss around needle three times for each knot.

4. For handle, cut 1-1/4” white felt strip; fold in half lengthwise. Place 14” cord length inside felt strip. Use three strands Light Lavender Blue floss to blanket stitch over felt edges. Sew handle ends to top basket sides. Use Light Lavender Blue floss to sew yellow buttons to basket, covering handle ends.

5. Tie ribbon bows around bottom of handles.

6. Fill with Easter grass to help basket hold its shape.


  • If necessary, create a basket base by cutting a circle from cardboard to place in the bottom of the basket.

by Mary Ayres

Happy Spring Every Bunny!

Crafts ’n things Craft of the Day


Stitch this smiling bunny greeting to welcome your guests with a wish for a Happy Spring!


  • 32-count Antique White Jobelan
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • Decorative fabric of choice
  • Foam board
  • Craft batting
  • Cream cording


  • Needle and dental floss
  • Beacon Adhesive Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: 1 strand
  • Cross-stitch: 2 strands

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


Size/Stitch Count

Approximate finished size: 2-5/8” x 7-1/4”; Stitch count: 42 w x 114 h

Happy Spring

1. Print cross-stitch chart and key. (Note: The blue words “chart” and “key” are links. To access these, select the link, then download and print items.)

2. Stitch design centered on fabric over two threads. Trim stitched project to

3. Backstitch with 1 strand DMC 869 Hazelnut Brown, Vy. Dk all bunny and chick details, butterflies, balloon, and flower stamens. Backstitich flower stem using 1 strand DMC 3815 Celadon Green, DK. Stitch French Knots with 1 strand (wrapped two times) DMC 869 Hazelnut Brown, Vy. Dk for bunny eyes, chick eyes, and flower stamen tips.

4. Cut batting to measure 4-5/8”x9-1/4” and foam board to 4-5/8”x9-1/4”. Adhere batting to foam board. Center stitched project over batting; turn over.

5. Use needle and dental floss to zig-zag stitch opposite edges together at back of foam board to secure.

6. Cut 29” length from cording; adhere to edge of stitched project. Cut 4-5/8”x8-1/4” rectangle from decorative fabric; adhere to back of foam core.


  • To create a door hanger, adhere ends of 8” cording length to top back corners of project.

by Gail Bussi

Easter Ornaments in Felt

At the recent CHA show in Anaheim, I renewed my acquaintance with the folks at the Kunin Group. This company makes felt fabrics but with a difference – they are made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. It’s a product you can feel good about because it is helping keep plastic out of landfill and that’s a great idea.

There are all sorts of felt fabrics in the range but the one I particularly love is the one shown here – it is printed felt fabric with a floral pattern. It is colorful and cute and, if you love to do just a little bit of sewing, the shapes in the pattern make it fun and easy to embellish the ornament with as much or as little sewing as you like.


  • Printed felt
  • DMC #5 Pearl cotton, in assorted colors
  • Small buttons
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Scissors, pins, and needles

For this Easter Egg ornament project, I cut two pieces of patterned felt in an egg shape. On one side I sewed some small buttons and added just a touch of embroidery. I used DMC #5 Pearl Cotton – this is a twisted thread embroidery cotton of which you use the entire thickness so there is no need to separate it. It is lovely to work with and it has a beautiful luster which looks great on this project. I sewed some simple embroidery stitches following the printed shapes on the felt.

When you are done, cut a narrow strip of felt to use to hang the ornament. Sew around the edges of the two shapes (printed side out) with blanket stitch and catch the loop as you sew the edge. Before finishing, stuff gently with a little fiberfill.

by Helen Bradley (